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New Releases: Week of May 5, 2014

Sun, 05/04/2014 - 21:01 — SarcasmoJones

Things are about to heat up, amigo. We have some very exciting games, like Watchdogs and a new Wolfenstein, on the verge of release. Anything that releases this week is going to look like shit in comparison. Xboxers can sit back and take it easy because only Sony gamers are getting the newness this time. This week Kratos declares war on the PS Vita and baseball gets a late start on the PS4.


God of War Collection

Release Date: May 6, 2014
Platform: PS Vita

See video

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take Kratos and stick him in your back pocket so you could play with him whenever you felt like it. Well now you can because, starting May 6, you can get the first two God of War games on one disc for the Vita. It’s the same awesome Kratos that you know and love, only smaller and battery powered. HD gaming in the palm of your hand, it truly is a wondrous time we live in.


MLB 14: The Show

Release Date: May 6, 2014
Platform: PS4

See video

 Pop quiz, hotshot. If you’re itching to show off the graphical power and technological prowess of your brand new console, what do you do? I’ll tell you what Sony does: they make a baseball game. This year’s version of The Show features Miguel Cabrera on the cover if you live in the US, and Brett Lawrie if you live in Canada...nobody else in the world gives a shit about baseball so they don’t get a special cover. This game has already been released on other platforms and gathering good scores hovering around 80%.

Star Citizen Aims to be the Best Damn Space Sim Ever

Thu, 05/01/2014 - 08:02 — KuruptU4Fun1976

What was an icon in the heady days of PC gaming among games like Quake, Myst, and the Ultima series is finally coming back to todays’ PC gaming.

Star Citizen - Overview from Roberts Space Industries on Vimeo.

Chris Roberts, the man who brought us Wing Commander, is stepping with us into the universe of Star Citizen. After a 2 decade long hiatus we are welcome to the game he’s always been wanting to make, he just had to wait on the technology to get here. This game is not being produced by a publisher but by crowdfunding, which is basically us. His level of communication to his pledgers is unheard of. There are 2 video updates weekly, then usually some lore updates at least once a week. Additionally, there are forums where you can ask the devs questions about various aspects of the game and they are usually quite responsive to the public.

Chris Roberts wants to build the best damn space sim ever. I wish I could make that period bigger just to emphasize how he feels about it. Judging  from what the public sees so far we tend to agree with him, considering to date he’s gotten $42 million dollars in crowdfunding to back him in building this game. He means to make an AAA game without any publisher funding whatsoever, and after his issues with Microsoft and EA I can’t say I blame him.

Star Citizen will be a space flight simulator but with a bit more put into it; put in a dash of FPS’ and a gameplay economy model and throw it in a sandbox that will continually grow. New star systems will be created and wait to be found by us, giving us the right to name it and become part of the Galactapedia lore that comes with the universe. We can also choose to keep our mouths shut and try to keep it as our own private source for mining raw materials or shipping lanes without threat from piracy. The universe is going to be what you choose to make it:  you can be a merchant, a pirate, or build an economy in a star system that provides supply and demand for it and other local star systems. Players can use the system wide internet database to find others with bounties on their heads or cargo that can be hauled around for profit. No venture is devoid of risk here, and your life will eventually be firmly on the line, be it from pirate, Vandull or void of space.

There is no leveling, you bring what skills you have to this game. If you want to help a buddy fly a capital ship, like the one below called the Idris, you could man the turrets or keep the engines online in a combat instance.


You could also help out by using one of the Hornets nestled inside of it to shoot down the opposition!


Ship sizes and crew complement (either PC or NPC) vary from ship to ship. But understand that when you’re out in the verse’ people can disable your ship in combat enough to come alongside you and board your ship. Allowing you and your friends to take the supplies or in turn fighting to keep them.

Did I say this was a sandbox game? I’m sorry, I misspoke, it’s pretty much going to be Gobi Desert when it comes to explorability. They’re stating there will be 100+ start systems to explore on game launch. Some taking quite some time to go from one end of the other to map out. Some of the jump points (travel between systems) will be different. Some can’t fit larger ships, some aren’t stable. Some systems may have multiple stations for you to explore and gather wealth, others may have thousands of asteroids containing who knows what kind of material for you to mine.

You can hire NPC’s to assist you in your missions, fly cover in other ships, man turrets or stations in your larger ships. Better yet invite your friends to do the same!

At the time of writing this there are less than 350 alpha slots remaining. The dogfighting module was revealed at PAX East a couple days ago. So I urge you, if you’re so interested, to get in now before the alpha slots are gone. Getting into the Alpha will cost you a bit more: $5 to be exact, in addition to your pledge ship cost.

Otherwise, if you’d rather just stick around for the release of the game, it’ll cost you the price of most games nowadays ($60) for the single player Squadron 42. The online persistent universe will come for free along with it.

Before the Alpha slots are gone the minimum package you can pledge for is this one at $40 range.

Outside of that they go up in price depending on the ship you’d like to buy.

If you’d like to continue with a group of 2old2play members, then I am also part of an organization (or clan if you will) called Fulcrum Cargo and Consulting. We’d be happy to have you join us! You can do a search on the org page:

And search by using our name, or come direct to our page at:

Hope to see you in the verse’!!!

New Releases: Week of April 28, 2014

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 22:17 — SarcasmoJones

Rejoice, gamers, for that magical time of the year is upon us once again! Yes, that wondrous six weeks before E3 affectionately known as The Shits. No publisher in his right mind is going to release jack shit between Pax East and E3, and the new releases are dribbling down one or two at a time. The industry likes to shoot its wad in early spring then and lay low so they have something to show at the convention in Cali. We only have one new release this week, but it is a bona fide AAA badass from the code magicians at Ubisoft Montreal.



Child of Light

Release Date: April 30, 2014
Platforms: PC, PS3, PS4, WiiU, Xbox 360, Xbox One

See video

Child of Light is a visually stunning puzzle/platformer that features RPG elements and turn-based combat. The game is set in Austria, in the year 1895. Princess Aurora has gotten sick and awoken in a fantasy world with a firefly companion. In the real world she may have been a sick little girl, but here she is Princess Asskicker: she can fly, she can fight, and she doesn’t need a guy to come and save her. The game is mostly a platformer with some light puzzle elements thrown in. Aurora levels up like an RPG, complete with skill trees and crafting. The combat, however, is old school turn-based goodness. If you have a friend and a spare controller, that friend can then control the firefly, Igniculus, who may not necessarily be a great help in combat, but he does have a secret or two up his sleeve. Do fireflies have sleeves? Whatever...Child of Light is already getting some good scores and may be the best shot you have at gaming nirvana until Watchdogs hits the shelves. Gamers can take Aurora and her pet firefly for a spin, on every platform known to man, starting April 30.



The Amazing Spiderman 2

Release Date: April 29, 2014
Platforms: PC, PS3, PS4, Nintendo 3DS, WiiU, Xbox 360, Xbox One, iOS, Android

See video

The video game tie-in to the new Spiderman movie is available on multiple platforms. Expect some web-slinging, wall crawling, and Spidey smart-assery. Oh yeah, expect Carnage as well. This one is out now on several consoles and mobile devices.

PAX East 2014 Indie MEGABOOTH

Thu, 04/24/2014 - 09:25 — ErinAS

The Indie MEGABOOTH seems to get bigger and bigger every year at PAX East.  This year the Indie Mini Booth alone had almost 30 games. I spent most of my floor time there since the lines aren’t as insane as for the AAA studios and you can actually get your hands on some games.


I also tend to like indies a lot more since they’re still making point and click adventures or experimenting with other cool story driven games. I started out my early access press hour there and was able to get some hands on quiet time with several games.


Fire Hose Games

My first stop was Boston based Fire Hose Games who were showing off their in-beta Facebook game, Let’s Quip, as well as the first indie game from their accelerator program Catlateral Damage. I’m already in the beta for Let’s Quip. It's the first Facebook game I’ve played more than once. There’s a press quote for their launch! The game pits you against friends or random players in word battles where you have to explain why your word is better than your opponent’s.  Friends and other players then vote on which answer they like the best and if you win your match you get coins and bragging rights. You can sign up for the beta here.

Catlateral Damage is a “First Person Cat Simulator” with the goal of knocking as many of your owner’s possessions around as possible. Sounds pretty realistic to me!

See video


Surprise Attack Games

Vertiginous Golf, developed by Surprise Attack Games, was inside the Indie MEGABOOTH  at the Indie Mini Booth. Aptly titled this was definitely a vertigo inducing golf experience, especially with Oculus Rift support. The booth was staffed by developers in steampunk garb and kilts (the male version of booth babes?) and they also had some nice steam-punked out Xbox controllers for hands on play.

I tried with both the traditional Xbox controlled version and again with the Oculus Rift head set. Oculus literally added another dimension to the game play and made it a whole lot more interesting. I have been somewhat anti 3D gaming but I have to admit it was fun. I was terrible at the game but it was still awesome to wander around the environment and watch your shots in an immersive 3D experience.

See video


Rocket 5 Studios

The husband and wife team at Rocket Five had my personal game of show with The Phantom PI Mission Apparition demoing in their booth. Its a puzzle adventure game where you play as a private investigator wandering through a haunted mansion. The way the levels were set up reminded me a bit of Double Fine’s The Cave as far as perspective and having to double back once you found objects.

The art was great and while there was no actual dialog there were notes and goal cards you come across as you play. I actually picked up a really neat pack of physical versions of the collectible cards with clever info and awesome art from “Rocket 5’s artists friends from across North America.”  Can’t wait to get my hands on the game!

See video



I didn’t actually see Vlambeer on the floor but I attended a panel their Chief Executive of Business and Development Rami Ismail was part of and he was a freakin’ riot so I checked them out when I made it home. Their most popular title to date Ridiculus Fishing gained extra attention when it was cloned before they could port it for iOS. They seem to create lots of addicting old skool games and they’ve done in a title in the Serious Sam franchise.

See video


Dejobaan Games

Dejobaan was at PAX showing off their released titles as well as an intriguing upcoming one Elegy for a Dead World. Being a sucker for story-based games, I am super psyched for this one.  The twist here is instead of playing a story, you are actually writing one. You explore dead planets and write to keep them alive.  From the game’s site:

They sent a poet.
The scientists, historians, and statesmen never arrived.
Three worlds, each home to a long-dead civilization.
You must be the speaker for these ancient peoples.
Write whatever you are moved to by their landscapes.
Write to share the joys and sorrows buried in their rubble.
Write what you can imagine of their origins, existence, and fates.
Your word is all that keeps these worlds from being forgotten.

Combining my love of video games, dystopian literature, and writing its like they stole this from my brain! I’m  not sure if this is a shut up and take my money moment or if I should ask them for royalties...

See video


Proletariat Games

Another Massachusetts studio, Proletariat Games may finally make this the year I throw some mobile gaming into the mix. Their first title World Zombination is due out for iOS, Android, Mac and PC in 2014. They had a playable build that looked pretty good when I got to check them out on the floor. In this free to play game you have the choice of choosing your faction and fighting with the humans or zombies.

There’s a world map where you can chose cities to fight your battles in tower defense (or destruction) style game play. The map uses real time data from other players also in the game to determine which faction has control of a particular city. I chose to play for the zombies and ended up in a city attacking to take control of hospitals from the humans. You can unlock cards to add different character abilities to your zombie or human hordes.

One of my favorite PAX moments this year was seeing a cosplayer dressed as Michonne from The Walking Dead playing the game. I hope she got one of the zombie selfies they were creating for people who used #WZSelfie on twitter during PAX.

See video


Brace Yourself Games

I feel like if you weren’t from Boston in the Mega Booth this year you were probably from Canada eh. America’s hat seems to have both east and west coast indie presences. Vancouver based Brace Yourself Games was showing off Crypt of the Necrodancer.  This is a “hard core dugeon crawling (roguelike) rhythm game.”  Had I not seen it hands on my first reaction that would have been wait what?!  It looks pretty cool and bonus points for getting  to dust off your old DDR pad!  The game will even let you add your own MP3s while playing.  Its due out on Steam in 2014.

See video


-- Erin "ErinAS" Seiden

Pinball at PAX East 2014

Mon, 04/21/2014 - 07:27 — ErinAS

Pinball had a surprisingly large presence in at the Penny Arcade East Expo this year both in pure and video game forms. Here’s a quick flip through what was on the floor.


The Pinball Arcade

New to PAX East (or perhaps I somehow missed them in previous years) was The Pinball Arcade, showing off some of their virtual tables for their PC, console, and mobile OSes. They had actual the actual physical tables for Ripley’s Believe it or Not and Harley Davidson available for players to get some hands on silver ball time before checking out their virtual cousins. A bunch of playable virtual tables were running on Xbox and Android in their booth.

I checked out Attack from Mars on Xbox and was impressed with the graphics and speed. I also really liked the aspect ratio which is always tough to get right in a pinball simulation. Not sure if it helped that I was standing up playing instead of sitting on my couch. Luckily I will get to find out for sure soon as they were offered codes to anyone that signed up at PAX for four tables on the OS of their choice. I am looking forward to checking out Tales of the Arabian Knights, Theater of Magic, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, and Black Hole on Steam on my new Windows 8 tablet. They  have a bunch of other table packs available for purchase the I’m looking forward to checking out.  

See video


ACAM Classic Arcade Room

The American Classic Arcade was back with an old skool arcade setup on level 1 of of the Expo hall. A bunch of classic arcade machines take the short trip down from their museum home in New Hampshire (hosted at Fun Spot) for PAX East each year. Maybe one day the infamous Donkey Kong cabinet where Steve Wiebe “defeated” absent Billy Mitchell in the documentary King of Kong:  A Fist Full of Quarters will make the trip! They had all sorts of classic arcade titles as well as 3 electro mechanical pins all available on free play. The pins available were a 1979 Gottlieb Solar Ride, 1979 Williams Flash, and a 1973 Williams Fun Fest. Take a look at everything ACAM brought to 2013 PAX East in the video below.

See video


Playin’ Pinball with Lord Karnage Panel

There was even a whole panel devoted to pinball on Sunday morning titled Playin’ Pinball with Lord Karnage.  I didn’t actually make it to this one as it was the same time as another panel I was covering but being on top of the New England pinball leagues I'm familiar with World Pinball Champion Bowen Kerins and PAPA TV ( the pinball industry’s destination for competitive pinball coverage, expo seminars, product reviews & more) so I’m sure it was an interesting one.  Hopefully it was popular and I can make it next year!  Here’s the overview from the PAX Guide.

Playing pinball is more than flipping, flailing, and watching the ball go down the middle. Reigning world champion Bowen Kerins will help you play better. Joining him are the two Marks: Mark Steinman, “King of Pinball”, creator of PAPA TV, and Mark Bussler, “Lord Karnage”, creator of Classic Game Room. We’ll play the games and give out prizes while talking about CGR’s series of gaming videos and PAPA TV’s live broadcasting of pinball tournaments.

Bowen Kerins [World Champion, Professional & Amateur Pinball Association], Mark Steinman [Director, Professional & Amateur Pinball Association], Mark Bussler [Intergalactic Space Arcade Manager, Classic Game Room]

See video


Rollers of the Realm

An awesome title in the Indie Mini Booth was Rollers of the Realm. Phantom Compass is an indie game studio that’s worked on titles for other companies in the past. Their first endeavor into making their own games has already won a bunch of awards from at shows ranging from GDC to SXSW.  The gameplay combines pinball and RPG mechanics which sounds strange but worked well and was a lot of fun. Tables are laid out in sections like levels you have defeat. A story complete with cut scenes unfolds as you progress through levels. Different classes of characters are available to choose which will affect ball mechanics giving them unique sizes and weights. I’m looking forward to playing when its available later this year. The title has already been greenlit on Steam.

See video


-- Erin "ErinAS" Seiden

PAX East in Pictures 2014

Fri, 04/18/2014 - 18:07 — ErinAS

I attended PAX East for 2old2play last weekend.  And while I work on writing up some of the great stuff I saw, take a quick look at what the Penny Arcade Expo had to offer.  This is about the one time of year I still use an actual camera!

1Sneaking down the back way to the Expo Floor.


2Only at PAX can you literally check your head!


Apparently the head chef at the Westin studied up on gamer grub.


4In case you were having March Madness bracket withdrawl, the Omegathon has you covered.


5Keep your eye out for Bonus Sodas coming to Xbox One soon!


The Monster was a lot less scary than the 3+ hour lines to actually see any of the stuff in their booth…


A shark, a monkey, and whatever that pink thing is walk into a bar...


8Sit here and try our game while you admit you bring your touch device in the can to thousands
of people walking by on the expo floor!


9Extreme Gaming Oatmeal was a popular swag bag item.  Mmm oatmeal and 27 new cards for Cards Against Humanity.


10PAX also features live music. Friday night’s headliner Anamanaguchi.


11Its not PAX without panels.  This shot is from Wordscapin’-How the Hell Do You Balance a Word Game?


And of course there’s a balloon version of the umm well we’ll call him a robot juicer for those
of you not familiar with Penny Arcade.


-- Erin "ErinAS" Seiden

New Orcs Must Die! Game Revealed at PAX East 2014

Fri, 04/18/2014 - 17:37 — DSmooth

At PAX East last weekend, I had a chance to check out the latest in the Orcs Must Die! series, Orcs Must Die! Unchained, from our friends over at Robot Entertainment. While the first OMD was single-player only (and on both PC & XBLA), and the second introduced co-op play (PC only), Unchained takes a leap into the competitive PC free-to-play multiplayer space with 5v5 gameplay.

See video


About the Game

Despite my initial attempt to make comparisons to popular MOBA’s, Robot Entertainment’s Ian Fischer, Design Director on Orcs Must Die! Unchained, told me that while those comparisons are valid, their aim is more of a Team Fortress 2 meets card customization game.  The traditional OMD! feel of tower defense is there, but with two teams battling it out, it is both a fortress defense and a fortress siege game.


The two factions in the game are the Order (humans) and the Unchained (orcs and potentially other monsters). Between the two, Fischer told me there will be dozens of champions to choose from by the time the game launches. In addition to the champion, at the start of the game, players have a chance to lay out their card deck to determine what types of minions and equipment they’ll have access to during the match. The minions follow the traditional Orcs Must Die! mentality - get to the other side and don’t avoid enemy traps (take it like a man).


Hands on Impressions

During my hands on time with the game, I played as one of the offensive melee champions, Bloodspike. In addition to being able to hack and slash my way through the enemy minions, I also had the ability to buff any friendly minions near me (my own, or my teammates) with a speed boost that lets us traverse more quickly. The gameplay was fast, fun and frenetic. As in the other Orcs Must Die! games, as I was pushing forward toward the enemy fortress and killing minions and champions, I was earning money to then spend on traps and upgrades on the cards I chose at the beginning of the game. The exciting part is that there isn’t a “wave break”, so you are doing all of the trap placement, card upgrades and minion summoning in real-time as the enemy champions are bearing down on you. I can’t properly put into words how fun the gameplay was, and it didn’t show the repetitiveness of traditional MOBA’s.


As to the technicals of the game, it’s been in development for the past year, and was built from the ground up with the Unreal engine. Despite the look and familiar textures in the game, as a whole it’s beautiful, and aesthetically pleasing. The game is in the technical alpha phase, and if you buy into the Founder’s Program you can get your hands on the alpha right away. Fischer expects them to hit a closed beta milestone in the summer and a release in the fall. Knowing the past issues Robot Entertainment has had with consoles, I asked him if they had plans to release on any other platforms besides the PC. His response was ambiguous, but akin to saying “We have nothing to say officially, but it would be close-minded to think that, in the long run, this would still be a PC-only game.” (paraphrased)

The Robot Entertainment booth was large this year, and had full lines the entire weekend. Before heading off I watched the previous group of players surrounding Robot Entertainment’s Community Manager, Justin Korthof. The excitement showed by the group was borderline-giddy. As he seemed unfazed, I asked Justin if that had been the typical reaction amongst the show attendees after playing, and his answer was a definitive yes. Korthof also expressed his own excitement over all of the remaining champions that weren’t shown off at PAX East, and how he couldn’t wait for players to get their hands on them.



The Verdict

I couldn’t be happier with my time with Orcs Must Die! Unchained. Bested only by Evolve, it was one of my top two games I saw at PAX East. Needless to say, I can’t wait to pick this up. If you want to hear more of my opinions on the game, I discussed it in detail on both episodes 32 (Podcasting Evolved) and 32.5 (PAX East Recap) of our vid/podcast Still Got Game.

-- Derek "DSmooth" Nolan

2K Games Flaunts Some Heavy Hitters at PAX East 2014

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 10:45 — ElektraFi

With 2K Games all but absent from last year’s PAX East, they came out swinging this year by showing off two of their upcoming titles, EVOLVE and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Like many other publishers, they are stuck in between supporting last-gen and new systems. I hope to see more of a move away from last-gen from them over the coming months as I feel like they have a lot to bring to the now-gen gaming world. 


Release date: TBD (sometime between July and September 2014)
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

About the Game

Evolve is an asymmetrical, first-person shooter with 4 human characters, collectively referred to as the hunters, battling one monster with all five of them being controlled by the players.

See video

In the ongoing 4v1 battles, the basic premise of the game is to survive. That’s it. No scoring of any kind. You either live and win or you lose and die. During the video presentation at PAX East, we were introduced to the 4 types of characters as well as to their first announced, monster-type, the “Goliath”.


Each hunter class has their own set of abilities, weapons and roles in taking down the monster before he evolves to his third stage. You can play as Support, Trapper, Medic or Assault and I bet you can pretty easily guess what role each one has.

This is a very cooperative focused game when playing as the hunters and it reminded me a bit of Team Fortress in that essence. They are planning to have multiple maps and monster characters at the time of release and I would also expect to see some ongoing DLC coming from them in the months after.

Hands on Impressions

THIS GAME ROCKS! I played as the Trapper in an epic 4v1 battle where we quickly lost to a massive monster. As a newly formed team of people that didn’t know each other, we were quickly demolished by the Goliath as we scrambled around like ants running away from his fire and rock throwing abilities. My heart was racing the entire time as the gameplay is truly epic, scary and fun at the same time.


I had some initial issues with the controls and trying to use the traps that I had at my disposal but I expect that this would come along with practice. Like Left 4 Dead, this is a game where you have to work together to survive. The controls and movements were very smooth and graphically the game looks awesome, as you would expect from the now-gen systems. I am very excited about this game and will definitely be buying it day one.


Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Release date: TBD (sometime late 2014)
Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360

About the Game

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is a direct prequel to Borderlands 2 that has you exploring the surface of a moon as you work for Handsome Jack. It is being worked on jointly by 2K Australia and Gearbox.

See video

You have the option to select from four familiar and previously NPCs in the Borderlands games, including the much anticipated option to be able to play as Claptrap. The other characters you can select from are Athena, Misha and Wilhelm (before he is all robotic).


The characters all have their own skill trees just like prior games. They mostly showed off Athena and demonstrated a cool skill that has you flinging off a shield like a boomerang that can hit multiple targets once upgraded, ala Captain America style.


They showed off some gameplay using new weapon types such as a cryogenic one that can freeze and shatter your enemies and a new laser type weapon. Also new to the game is an Oz kit that will replace relics. The Oz kit is what helps you breathe on the moon and it has a running O2 meter that shows you how much time you have before it runs out. There are multiple ways to refill this kit, including fill stations and you can also turn on oxygen bubbles over large areas.


With the low gravity, you can jump higher and longer as well as send your enemies spinning off into space. The loot also flies out of containers which can add an extra level of difficulty in grabbing things. It looked pretty funny to see all sorts of items just flying out of containers in all directions.


With only a video presentation to go by, I really love what they are doing with this game and you could tell that the developers had fun working on it. The low-gravity and oxygen aspects of the game add an interesting new twist to a well-loved franchise and I expect that this will do well for anyone still holding on to the last-gen consoles. If you’re already rocking the now-gen consoles, I don’t recommend spending much time following the news for this one. Hang tight, because I do believe that we will see a Borderlands 3 announcement on or before E3 this year.


-- Tiffany "ElektraFi" Nolan

Zomboss Down DLC Now Available for PvZ: Garden Warfare

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 08:09 — SarcasmoJones

One of the more interesting Xbox One exclusives, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, received the Wild West treatment in its latest DLC pack: Zomboss Down which released earlier this week. The plants have shot a blimp full of zombies out of the sky, and the surviving undead (see what I did there?) are headed for the desert’s golf course.

See video

EA and Popcap raised the level cap from 20 to 30, adding eight new playable characters, a brand new map, and some accessories to personalize your plant and add zazz to your zombie. The new map is called Cactus Canyon, and is set on the desert golf course and features a secret Cactus Army facility. Four new plant types guard this golfing oasis: Sun Pharaoh, Law Pea, Bandit Cactus, and Armor Chomper. The new Zombie types are Skytrooper, Landscaper, Archaeologist, and Wrestler.


This free DLC, and I mean free as in will not cost you a single gold coin, also includes some nifty weapon upgrades and new skins. The pack also includes some customization upgrades like facial hair and tattoos. PvZ: Garden Warfare provides an interesting take on the 3D shooter, and Zomboss Down only deepens the value of this Xbox One original. Now go kill something green, amigo.


New Releases: Week of April 14th, 2014

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 08:42 — loki619

Welcome to this week’s new release tease. This is a good week for RPG gamers, puzzle solvers, and sports fans with a healthy choice of games from all of these different genres. Sadly, there aren’t any major triple A title releases but it’s still a pretty good week to be a gamer.


Backgammon Blitz (PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

Uh…Play Backgammon on your Sony consoles. ‘Nuff said. What? Were you expecting Backgammon Team Deathmatch? Were you expecting to be able to call in a 30-foot walking tank after two minutes of play? It’s Backgammon. On your console. Back. Gammon. It’s about as exciting as the thought of getting a rectal exam. Backgammon Blitz drops on April 15th.

See video


Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars (3DS, PS Vita) 

This game allows you to go from conception to childbirth where you play as a child of the Seven Stars… oh wait, that’s taking the title too literal. The game takes place on a world called Aterra where a, no, THE Star God is worshipped. Monsters are beginning to spawn from nowhere! To help fight them, the Star God has given certain young adults, or Disciples, various powers to create Star Children that aid in the battle. Your ultimate goal is to bond with the seven other Disciples in some mysterious orgy on your handheld 3DS or Vita to survive. Who comes up with this? Jane Jensen? Play Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars beginning on April 15th.

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Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn (PS4) 

This not-so-new MMO invites you to explore Eorzea while doing all kinds of fantastic feats in the Final Fantasy universe. Mount a chocobo, fly in an airship, go on epic quests and take on random encounters with Final Fantasy enemies new and old while you level up your abilities. If you picked this game up when it first came out, you can pick it up again as this version was rebuilt from the ground up. Oh and it’s now online! Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn hits store shelves on April 14th.

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Moebius: Empire Rising (PC, Mac) 

This contemporary adventure on your Mac or PC merges classic point-and-click puzzle-solving with supposedly sophisticated storytelling. Travel the world to analyze suspects, make historical connections, and uncover the truth behind a theory of space and time that the government will defend at any cost. Also, it’s by Jane Jensen. I guess that means something if you know who Jane Jensen actually is. It’s even more exciting than playing Backgammon on your console. Moebius: Empire Rising hits PC and Mac on April 15th.

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Trials Fusion (Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, PC) 

Anyone who has ever played Trials HD or Trials Evolution knows that these games are synonymous with the words FRUSTRATION and RAGE QUIT. Anyone who has ever played this game also knows the pain when you see your friends’ leaderboard scores and they are seconds, if not minutes, ahead of yours. Experience Trials in higher frustra, err, definition as Redlynx launches Trials Fusion on the 360, PS4, PC, and Xbox One. Please note that Redlynx, Ubisoft, or anyone for that matter, are not responsible for controllers flung at TV’s during this game. Get your rage quit on beginning April 16th. 

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2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil (PS3, Xbox 360) 

Experience all the fun and drama of futbol’s greatest event right before it happens in real life! Multiple improvements and innovations to the award-winning gameplay of FIFA 14 and an additional 100 new animations make this EA Sports FIFA title on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 one of the most exciting titles on these platforms. See if you can predict who will win the World Cup or set up your own fantasy league matches between your favorite and least favorite clubs! You don’t have to go to Brazil to experience all the beautiful people, see all the sights and be at their soccer stadium to see THE World Cup because you’ll be at home playing this game… with a cup of your own. A cup of coffee. Or beer. Or soda. Or water…because you didn’t go to Brazil! Hopefully future FIFA DLC brings you the ability to play online games as a Vuvuzela. 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil hits store shelves April 15th. 

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