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New Releases: Week of June 30, 2014

Mon, 06/30/2014 - 08:54 — ErinAS

Its a good thing there was a Steam sale going on the last few weeks since its slim pickings to kick off July. Sarcasmo was right about E3 kicking off the summer drought! I really had to scour the net to find anything to write about. Still no exciting next gen titles to take advantage of the systems’ new features. Though at least a few of these are available on PS4 and Xbox One, just not exclusives. The only one that sounds interesting to me, I basically already own...


Divinity Original Sin

Release Date: June 30, 2014
Platforms: PC

See video

Kickstarter funded, this game has been pushed back a few times but is slated to finally hit PC on June 30th.  Its an RPG by Larian Studios with single and multi-player modes. The game is a prequel to Divine Divinity which Larian released in 2002.


Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition


Release Date: July 1/2, 2014
Platforms: PS4, WiiU, Xbox 360, Xbox One

See video

This game hits PS4 a day early and then all the XBoxes and WiiU the following day. The original game was pretty fun so probably worth picking up this enhanced edition if you haven’t already played. From an update on from Drinkbox on the PS4 blog:

Some things we’ve added: more words to the title, an extra save slot, new costumes, creepy hanging dolls, two extra levels, new and improved enemies, another save slot, a new dimension-switching ability called “Shadow Swap,” chicken egg bombs, an NPC with an impossibly large head, and a power called INTENSO.


Child of Light

Release Date: July 1, 2014
Platforms: Vita

See video

Ubisoft’s Child of Light arrived for consoles in North America in April but this week it will also be available for the PSVita. Its a side-scrolling RPG with a dreamscape art style.


Sniper Elite III

Release Date: July 1, 2014
Platforms: PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One

See video

How “elite” can it be if there are three? Although in their defense all three games follow the story of the same character Karl Fairburne. He’s a German American OSS officer embedded into German forces during World War II. Snipers and stealth aren’t my style but the bullet time features look pretty cool if you’re into that sort of thing.

New Releases: Week of June 23, 2014

Tue, 06/24/2014 - 08:23 — SarcasmoJones

Welcome to the beginning of a long summer, amigo. The first couple of weeks after E3 always feel like the day after Christmas. All of the excitement and wonder is completely gone, summer is starting, and we have jack fucking shit for new games until it starts to cool off again. Now would be a good time to contemplate your backlog of games, download something on the cheap that you haven’t had a chance to play yet, or take an online course and learn a new language: Japanese might be fun. As far as new releases for this week goes, we have more than meets the eye (again), Codemasters attempts to revive a dying franchise, and the Japanese stump the internet.


BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma
Release Date: June 24
Platform: PS Vita

See video

 Arc System Works and Aksys Games have teamed up to bring this Japanese fighting game to the small screen. This arcade port has been available in Japan for over a year and playing it will probably give you epilepsy. このゲームは私に発作を与えた


Grid Autosport
Release Date: June 24
Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

See video

In a bold attempt to make up for the disappointing Grid 2, Codemasters is giving last-gen racers an alternative to Forza and Gran Turismo. Grid Autosport boasts 15 real world tracks, including Brands Hatch, Indy, and Hockenheim, as well as street races set in iconic cities, like Barcelona, San Francisco, and Chicago. The campaign provides 5 racing disciplines for players to master: Touring, Endurance, Tuners, Open-Wheeled, and Street cars. A handful of cars are available for each discipline: most of the usual suspects are represented.


Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark
Release Date: June 24
Platforms: PS3, PS4, XB1, Xbox 360, WiiU, 3DS

See video

Is anyone else sick of Transformers? I have yet to play a Transformers game for more than 20 minutes before realizing that I’m not nine years old and that Transformers games just aren’t any fun. I’m not sure if this game is supposed to tie in with the new Michael Bay  movie coming out Friday, and I don’t give a shit. Expect both of them to suck.


Xblaze: Code Embryo
Release Date: June 24
Platforms: PS3, PS Vita

See video

Described as a “visual novel,” this indecipherable Japanese game is part of the BlazBlue series and takes place 150 years before the BlazBlue stuff. This game has also been out in Japan for a while, but nobody seems to know what it’s about. I watched a couple of YouTube trailers and still can’t make it out. Maybe Xblaze isn’t meant to be understood by Westerners, or maybe it just doesn’t make any sense. Solve the mystery of Xblaze’s plot and I will send you a Super Detective badge that I made out of a paper bag and a chip clip. It’s a real conversation starter.

E3 2014: Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt

Mon, 06/16/2014 - 11:02 — SarcasmoJones

Polish game developer, CD Projekt Red, showcased their third entry in The Witcher series, Wild Hunt, at E3 this year. Derek Nolan was on hand to provide his impressions about the new game and give some context to the gameplay vids pouring out of the convention.

See video

 Gerault once again plays protagonist, and makes a living wage in this huge, open world by collecting bounties on dangerous beasties. Every place on the map can be reached, if it can be seen: none of that “turn back, you can go no farther” invisible boundary shit from The Elder Scrolls series. The ambitious scope of the game applies to NPC development, as well. Over 1000 individually crafted NPC characters inhabit the world, each with his/her own personality. I have a note from Derek here that says “OMG graphics are insane!” Let’s hope that they don’t have to downgrade the graphics to maintain gameplay in this giant environment.

See video

Details on the plot of the third installment are vague, but Gerault is tasked with retrieving a woman, who is trailed by a devastating force, called The Wild Hunt, and bringing her before some sort of autocrat. The story itself is reported to be rich and detailed.

Gerault possesses a “Witcher Sense” which heightens his abilities and allows him to track monsters across great distances. Archery also utilizes a time-slowing mechanic. Potions will bestow the desired effect upon the user, but often have negative side-effects. Dialog trees are utilized a bit differently in this game, as does underwater travel.

Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt drops on February 24, 2015.

E3 2014: Ori and the Blind Forest

Thu, 06/12/2014 - 23:00 — loki619

Scheduled for a Fall release on the Xbox One and on PC, Ori and the Blind Forest is an action platformer that looks like it has drawn heavily on Hayao Miyazaki for inspiration. From the hand-drawn environments to the beautifully orchestrated soundtrack, this game could almost be a video game stand-in for Miyazaki’s Spirited Away yet it creates its own unique world of wonder and awe.

See video

With a bit of a nod to Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke, you play as Ori who is tasked with unlocking the secrets of a dying forest while trying to escape the clutches of Kuro, the evil owl. Combat is fluid yet does not monopolize gameplay as various puzzle elements, reminiscent of the XBLA arcade game Limbo, are introduced to keep players busy in this beautifully crafted metroidvania (Metroid/Castlevania mashup).

E3 2014: Bungie Invites 2o2p to Private Gameplay Session of Destiny

Thu, 06/12/2014 - 17:44 — Doodi

Bungie invited 2old2play to a private party after the Sony Press Conference where a lucky few were able to eat, drink, and play hours and hours of Destiny with the people who made it.  Here is my recollection of the game, festivities, and people.

Before I get into things however, I do want to preface this article to say this is purely of my own opinion.  I’m also not so naive as to think that playing with the developers while beautiful women serve me Hors d'oeuvres and feed me drinks doesn’t skew my perspective a bit.  It’s hard to remain 100% objective in this sort of situation.  Especially given the fact that 2o2p (and really my gaming career) was built from a house that Bungie made. As you would expect, the room was electric with excitement.  Both from the team and from the people who were lucky enough to be playing Destiny for the first time; and it affected me.


The Party

The party itself was spectacular. And while I’m sure you don’t want to hear to much about it and would rather me only discuss the game, I think it’s worth mentioning if only to capture the vibe, energy, and joy that was going on around me.  Obviously it will come off a bit braggadocious, but how else can it come off when you get to spend the evening with your gaming heros.  But enough exposition, lets get to the party.

The plan was for everyone to leave the Sony Press Conference together and meet up for a stretch limo/bus from the conference hall to the Bungie party.  Due to some miscommunication I ended up being the only soul who was able to find the elusive Bungie bus outside the conference hall.  After many attempts by Steve Norman ( to find the others, we decided it was time to call it a lost cause and head out.  This meant a solo ride in a huge stretch limo/bus with a few people from Activision.  While the picture below probably doesn’t convey the silliness of one person in a giant limo, let it be known that it was both awkward and hilarious all at the same time.

We arrived at the AT&T Tower in L.A. just before 9pm and were greeted on the ground floor by reception.  After getting my wrist band, I was escorted to a private elevator and whisked to the very top of the buildings 30th floor into their “lighthouse” room where the event was being held.

You could tell as soon as the elevator doors opened that the room was built for the sole purpose of showcasing Destiny.  There were two separate areas filled to the brim with PS4s and stations for each guest to sit and play until their hearts content.  Activision spared no expense on the finer things and supplied a constant flow of waiters who brought steak, sandwiches, liquor, and beer.  Remember how I said it was hard to stay subjective….

After a small session of meet and greet with the Bungie staff, old school 2o2p LAN member and head of community over at Bungie, David “Deej” Dague, kicked off the event with a great speech aimed at community, the goals of Destiny, and why we were all here.  I’ve always been a huge fan of Deej ever since we met back in Chicago at the start of 2o2p, and I must say Bungie certainly picked the right man to lead community into the future of the franchise.


The Game

After we dispatched with the pleasantries we were allowed to sit down at any station and just jump right into the game. I didn’t take many photos or screenshots outside of the photos you will see around the party, but you will undoubtedly be inundated with them since the alpha goes public today on the PS4. Instead I decided to focus more on actually playing the game for as long as I possibly could.  In total I got in almost 4 hours of uninterrupted game play and was able to play each class to level 4+, try out some quests, and head into matchmaking. 

To start you are given the choice of picking 1 of 3 available guardians; Titan, Hunter and Warlock.  While I played all three, I got the farthest with the Hunter and so most of what I talk about here will be with the Hunter in mind.  

Before you start your adventure in Destiny, you will need to also create your character. If you’re a fan of MMOs or RPGs then you should free right at home here.  The character creation in Destiny is fairly vast given the games shooter roots.  You can choose gender, facial structure, and all the little details like hair style, color, skin tone, and fine tunings. Beyond these rather pedestrian options is the fact that the character models themselves look absolutely stunning.  The level of detail is something not seen in any MMO I’ve played to date, and comes off as an amazing win for customization buffs.  

This seems to be the overall theme of Destiny as a game. While the game is a shooter at its very core, it is also not so secretly wrapped in an RPG/MMO.  This means you get the stunning graphics of a next gen shooter, with the depth and gameplay of an RPG, but more on this later.

Once complete, you are tossed straight into your first mission to break the ice.  After being told you are the earth's only hope, the game starts you on Old Russia; a broken and desolate industrial landscape.  Destiny quickly guides you to waypoints by using the PS4 touch pad which will bring up the “traveler” as well as options to use a landspeeder mount.  The mount is a nice touch since getting around Earth would be a pain without it.  

This is an important point, since this game feels MASSIVE.  Even in the introductory opening mission you get a sense of just how grand the scale is and this only grows as you fight your way from level to level.  Within this vast world you will ultimately meet up with your first encounter of “The Fallen.”  The Fallen are an alien race that seems bent on destruction and it’s your job to put them down. It is at this moment that you will almost instantly feel Halo coming up from underneath Destiny’s beautiful backdrop.  

Combat in Destiny has the Master Chief written all over it, and this is a GOOD thing.  You feel completely at home the moment you see your first fallen.  Anyone with even a few games of Halo under their belts is going to simply pick this up playing as if your on your 1 millionth mission in a Covanant Dropship.

Starting out with the shotgun and rifle mimicked the exact play style of Halo’s shotgun and AR.  As you quickly move through the mission and encounter the first boss battle there will almost certainly be points where you think you’re playing Halo and forget all about Destiny. Obviously there are a few difference here and there, but the parallel is fairly hard to ignore.  

In terms of those differences, Destiny taps into its MMO pedigree rather nicely in combat as well. Hovering over one of the alien baddies will display a ton of useful information like level, (in this case 2), health, and the name of the enemy.  This helps later in the game even more when you really need to check what level of monster it is you’re engaging before you just jump in!  Also keeping with that same MMO theme, enemies you deal damage to can be seen visually as the number of damage dealt pops up over their heads as you deal your death toll on them.

Tying these two things together brings an almost Borderlands feel to the game but with the undoubtedly great feeling of a Halo shooter.  As others have already said, most of these mechanics or ideas have been in games for the past decade.  While that’s true, its Destiny’s ability to tie them all together so seamlessly in combat that makes the game a joy to play.


The Tower

Once you’ve finished your first mission and kill yourself a mini-boss Destiny politely suggests you travel to “The Tower” for a quick visit.  The Tower is a sort of space station/mega city where all the commerce and social interaction within Destiny takes place.  Upon reaching this city MMO fans will almost instantly feel like they’ve teleported into a game they’ve played for years. 

Everything you can think of within the MMO realm is here.  There is a mail system for sending messages (the mailbox), a bank to store all your epic loot, a class trainer to learn new abilities, a vendor to trade in your currency for even more loot, and so on.  They even switch your point of view from 1st person into 3rd so you can see how your character looks in all that great gear you’ve been collecting on missions.  

Acting as the games social hub, this will also be where you probably spend the majority of your time hanging out when you’re not doing missions, raids, or battling other players (called PvP for our MMO fans out there).  In the past, shooters relegated this type of place to the player pre-game lobby, so this level of immersion will be a fairly new idea for shooter.


Released to the World

Everything up until this point as really been a tutorial phase.  You’ve learned how a mission works, how items can be obtained, how to upgrade your skills, the social game, training, and grabbing your interstellar ship.  Now its time to actually play Destiny!

From the Tower you will board your ship and head out into the world map to choose your next destination.  At this point, you can fly down to the planet and start picking up missions or test your skills against other players in “The Crucible.”  Before we get to the Player Vs Player stuff, lets talk about missions.

Mission can be found all around the world and within the world map itself.  You unlock these free form missions simply by finding mission beacons around the world and accessing them.  The missions vary greatly from searching, killing, scanning and more.  Once again this type of play style comes directly from the MMO where missions are more commonly known as quests.  

For the most part these quest are relatively fun and short, but can also be interrupted by random “events” around the world that you can choose to participate in as they happen.  The nice part about this flow is that you’re not always stuck on one path and can easily find yourself in the middle of an optional event that is completely off you current path.  Again, this concept isn’t really new for MMO fans as world events have been a staple in the genres for the past few years.  Then again, you see this motif so often for the exact reason that it works well in breaking up the “grind” that most major MMOs suffer from. That doesn’t mean that you won’t get board however.  Because Destiny borrows so heavily on the MMO realm, it means it also has plenty of repetitive tasks that could slow down in the most enthusiastic of players. 

And speaking of other players! In Destiny, if you want to insure your friends come along with you on your missions you can also create a “fireteam” which is Destiny’s version of forming a party with other friends.  The team leader of the “fireteam” will have control over which missions and destinations the other members participate in.  This ensures that all members enter the same instance of play as each other within the massive world below.



Ah yes, the reason you are all still reading this article; PvP.  In Destiny, Player Vs. Player content comes in the form of The Crucible.  Anyone familiar with normal Halo matchmaking will almost certainly feel completely at home in this game mode.  You can queue up for The Crucible simply by going to your world map and choosing it from the display.  Doing so in alpha will instantly put you in a lobby and find more players to fill all 6v6 slots.

As I discussed before, The Crucible can only be access after your first mission on Old Russia after you’ve reached level 4 and made it to the Tower.  Bungie does this for two fairly good reasons.  One; They want to give new players a bit of time to have a feel for the game before taking on more experience foe. Two; They want to make sure that all players have their “super ability” before stepping into combat with one another.  

The super ability differs for each class and usually deals an insane amount of damage to anyone in its path.  For instance, the hunter I played would charge up her pistol until it glowed a golden hue and unleash a single shot kill to anyone it came in contact with.  That includes any part of the body I hit so think golden pistol from Golden Eye.  

You earn charges to your super power through killing, time, objectives, and just hanging out.  Do really well in a match and you will see your super power energy charge fairly quickly.  Do poorly and the game will still guarantee you a chance to lay waste to the opposition in due time.  This is an important gameplay mechanic, because a super power can really change the tied of a match in PvP.


Speaking of matches, Destiny offers a variety of maps, sizes, and game types in the Crucible.  During my alpha test we played the familiar 6v6 Domination style game-type on two different maps, but I was assured a variable size of groups and more maps/gametypes in the future.  In terms of the maps style, both were built to serve two very different purposes.  

The first map took place in a sort of dingy industrial complex, and was was much more of a close quarters style layout that allowed for several different vertical vantage points.  Since a lot of classes have the ability to move vertically with ease, it offers extended gameplay to the otherwise very flat feeling of Halo (think Titanfall mobility on a spartan).  

The second map took place in a hash winter blasted landscape and suited itself much more to longer site lines, huge open spaces, and extended distances.  The great thing about Destiny is that when the maps reach this size, the game is able to compensate by allowing you to use your mount within the map.  This means you can easily bring up your “traveler” and call up a vehicle at will.  These vehicle remain fragile within the gameplay in order to keep the balance in check, but offer a fast way to get from point A to point B.  You also have the option of finding vehicles within the map itself which also come equipped with guns to thwart off evil doers as you ride.  These mounts mimic the Ghosts of Halo’s past (pun intended) and seem to maintain the same control from previous Bungie titles.  Finally, strategic turrets are placed within the map to even further level the playing field of large scale combat and vehicles.

The one question you might be nagging over is how does Bungie deal with players that are of a different level within the main game as they cross over to The Crucible?  Great question!  Yet again they take a page out of the playbook of World of Warcraft's Battlegrounds and countless other MMOs by scaling your level and damage to match that of everyone else within the current match.  This means that a level 4 player will be dealing the same damage to opponents as a level 6. The one caveat to this is that higher level players still maintain their gear and other abilities that they received by playing in PvE so there is a slight advantage there. However like other MMO’s, this problem is mitigated by the fact that serious PvP players will want to reach max level and get all abilities to be truly competitive.

In the end, The Crucible will be very familiar to Halo players and even FPS players of the past.  More over, what is so amazing about The Crucible is that its only a fraction of what the game has to offer over all.  This seems to be the theme of Destiny as end to end it tries to jam pack an epic experience into so many different ways to play.  Keep in mind that I haven’t even talked about the large scale “Raids” or even 3 man instanced content that is a huge part of the Destiny leveling experience and beyond.  What’s even better, is that all these types of game play will be offered up as a way to gain experience, loot, and abilities.  That means if you only want to play Destiny inside The Crucible, it won’t have any affect on your ability to progress in the game.  However, given the rich environments, the massive world, and ability to take down the Fallen with all your friends, I don’t see many people skipping it either.

I want to say a big thank you to the people over at Bungie for supporting 2old2play after all these years.  Especially our comrade and fellow guardian, David “Deej” Dague, for putting this entire thing together.  Even in its very alpha state, Destiny seems to be in no danger of missing the mark.  The polish, environments and graphic make this alpha seem like a release ready game, which only goes to show the teams dedication to perfection.  Add this on top of an upcoming battle that will lazy focus on performance, listening to the community, and over all balance, and the future looks very bright for Destiny.

*If you guys have any more question or comments as you play through the alpha yourselves, please make sure to leave them hear or listen in to our live recap show this Monday at 7PDT/10EST on  The 2o2p community really sees Destiny as a great way to rebuild our focus along with the other great communities on 2o2p like Forza.  I look forward to everyone's thoughts on Destiny and the many other new games set to suck up all our time this holiday season.

E3 2014: Dragon Age Inquisition Update

Wed, 06/11/2014 - 23:00 — loki619

Updates on the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition from E3 are in and they are exciting. You are an Inquisitor traveling through an open world of fantasy and uh… inquisition. This 3rd person dynamic RPG allows you to lead and a team of four inquisitors who can be outfitted with the latest in Inquisition and dragon slaying technology.

See video

Tasked with the objective of bringing the war between the Templars and the Mages to an end while having badass dragon fights and gathering plants for some, as of yet, undisclosed reason (this game may be set in Medieval Colorado and your inquisitor is just gathering weed, err, seeds for the upcoming storm), you will undoubtedly have your hands full with countless hours of game play.

You don’t always bring wars to an end but when you do, you slay dragons too! Stay slayer my friends!

E3 2014: SteelSeries

Wed, 06/11/2014 - 23:00 — loki619

Gaming peripheral company SteelSeries announced some really exciting hardware at E3 this year. Among the items gamers can expect to see this year are:

Sentry Eye Tracker           

Specifically designed and optimized for gamers, the SteelSeries Sentry Eye Tracker is a virtual, visual coach that provides players with the ability to track, analyze and benchmark eye movement and behaviors during gameplay in order to improve gaming performance. In a partnership with Tobii Technology, the global leader in eye tracking forged earlier this year, SteelSeries will be introducing its first phase of the new technology called the Sentry. This

game training tool unlocks the power of tracking and analyzing past replays to provide feedback on where you were looking and not looking on the screen. Graphs, heat-maps and statistics help gamers identify significant ways of improving and becoming more efficient players.

See video

Stratus XL

If you’ve ever tried to play a game with touch controls on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, you’ll know how frustrating it is to control your onscreen avatar using the lower left and right corners of your device. The Stratus XL is a full-sized, console-inspired gaming controller designed for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices. Compatible with the ever growing 300+ controller-enabled games found in the Apple App Store, games now have the option of either a full-sized or pocket-sized wireless controller from SteelSeries.

See video

The Sims 4 Peripherals

Are you a fan of the Sims? Now you can game in Sim fashion with these handsomely designed, Sims-inspired peripherals ranging from a headset, mouse, and or mousepad. The all-white, USB, slim profile, on-ear headset features an illuminated Plumbob on each earcup that changes colors  to reflect the current emotional state of your Sim. The glossy white Sims 4 Mouse features an ergonomic, six-button design with an illuminated Plumbob underneath the scroll wheel that changes illuminated colors to reflect the emotions of your Sim as well. To complete this setup, The Sims 4 QCK micro-fiber surface mousepad ensures a smooth, consistent glide during gameplay.

E3 2014: Wargaming

Wed, 06/11/2014 - 23:00 — ChunkySoup

Our team managed to sneak in some time with creators of World of Tanks and World of Warplanes. Guess what? While have had us wage war on land and in the air, there is one theatre left; the sea!’s St. Petersburg studio is currently developing World of Warships. In a closed alpha stage with a closed beta dropping later in 2014 World of Warships is already looking impressive. Sporting a new rendering engine, 40+ ships in alpha, all guns functional (140 guns on some ships), torpedo cams and four super-classes of ships, World of Warships is looking to be their biggest game yet.

Your choice of ship super-class is between a Destroyer, a Cruiser, a Battleship or an Aircraft Carrier. The Destroyer is equipped with smokescreens and torpedos. The Cruiser is the workhorse with deck mounted weapons and torpedos. Battleships can travel longer distances and bring the heavy artillery. Up to this point there is a lot that likely sounds familiar to those of you who have played previous titles. However, I left one class out: The Aircraft Carrier. An entity on its own and played as an RTS (yes and RTS. As in real Time Strategy)  you command squadrons of planes and attack enemy ships from the air. Thinking about it that makes sense as really that is what Aircraft Carriers are built specifically to do.


There are over 120 players in the US playing the alpha version at this moment.

World of Warships is not the only title the 3,400 employees of are working on a number of other titles not just for the PC but also for the XBox 360, iOS and Android.

Launching on June 26th in the US, World of Tanks Blitz has already been released in a number of Nordic regions. In those regions it has propelled itself into the top 3 in the app store.

Blitz will feature 96 tanks (US, German and Soviet) with 8 new re-imagined maps pulled from World of Tanks. The games are a lot quicker with the goal to be 6 or 7 minutes per match and a load time of around 20-30 seconds. Keep in mind this is designed as a standalone mobile game and as such the currency between World of Tanks and Blitz are different. Blitz will be available for the iPad and iPhone so long as you have at least an iPad 2+ and an iPhone 4+. Blitz also includes radial chat, full chat, fully customizable controls along with full facebook implementation. Word of warning, remove your boss from your friends list if you plan on playing this at work.

World of Tanks has seen over 3.8 million downloads on the XBox 360 alone. Launched in 86 countries, those of you playing know just released an expansion . What you might not know is that the ability to create a Platoon is coming soon. The Chicago based dev team is also working on a Blitz title and a retail sku for the 360.

Last but not least is a new gametype with indestructible tanks. Why would they make indestructible tanks you ask? So you can play 3 on 3 soccer/football with them. That’s why!

See video

E3 2014: Evolve

Wed, 06/11/2014 - 23:00 — SarcasmoJones

Left 4 Dead developer, Turtle Rock, and 2K have teamed up to bring gamers a truly original game experience: a 5-player asymmetrical co-op shooter. The game pits a 4 player team against a single, evolving behemoth. Welcome to Evolve.

See video

This is a hunter vs beast affair. Hunters come in four flavors: Trapper, Assault, Support, and Medic. The objective is to hunt down and kill the creature before it evolves, making it a far more dangerous target the more time slips away. Stick together because if you find yourself alone, so will the monster. 2K was showing off the new beastie at E3, called the Kraken.

See video

Tiff says ”Did hands on then and played as the new assault character against the Kraken. That monster is so beast and scary. The game was just as much fun as it was at PAX East and will definitely be on my must buy list for this fall. We got our asses kicked.”

Evolve drops October 21st, on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

E3 2014: Dead Island 2

Wed, 06/11/2014 - 23:00 — SarcasmoJones

It looks like Deep Silver has finally escaped Gilligan’s Island and made it to the mainland. While the differences between the first game and Riptide were barely discernible, except for the game killing glitches, Dead Island 2 looks to be a proper sequel that improves on the foundation of the first two games.

See video

This time around, our protagonist is actually heralded as a hero, instead of the enemy. There’s a NPC helper, named Max, who may or may not own a Mo-Cap cat. The game looks to be set in California, and the locale in the trailer looks suspiciously similar to the beach in GTA V.

Deep Silver has made several improvements to the game. Dual wielding has some very promising applications in the zombie slaying department. Dead Rising 2 has assigned individual status to the zombies, and no two zombies will look alike. Motorized weapons make their debut in DR2. Perhaps we will be able to dual wield the ol’ shotgun/chainsaw duo. Groovy! Motorized weapons will need gas to remain functional, which is kind of a weird place to start trying to establish realism, but whatever. Deep Silver looks to be attempting to balance realism with fun in this game. Co-op partners will share XP this time around, so no more of that running off and shooting shit on your own. Was that even a thing in the last 2 games?

Although nothing was playable at E3, there will be some sort of playable demo at both PAX and GamesCon. Dead Island 2 will retain its FPS style presentation, players will still be able to craft items, and co-op will allow up to eight players. Release date to be announced for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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