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2O2P Game Review: COD Advanced Warfare

 I’m not much for war shooters. They all kinda blend together for me. Cartoonish

[comment_count] | Game Reviews 1 day 9 hours ago

2O2P Game Review:Sunset Overdrive

 Xbox gamers have been deprived of more than a few Sony exclusives: Uncharted, God of War, The

[comment_count] | Game Reviews 5 days 4 hours ago

New Releases: Week of November 17, 2014

 Thanksgiving is still a few days away, unless you live in Canada and already had it, or live

[comment_count] | Game News 1 week 20 hours ago

Op-Ed: #GamerGate and the Entitled Gamer

 If you pay even slight attention to “games journalism,” you’ve probably

[comment_count] | Editorials 1 week 4 days ago

New Releases: Week of November 10, 2014

That awkward moment when you go to remind whatever lazy writer was on new releases that their

[comment_count] | Game News 1 week 6 days ago

2O2P Game Review: Shadow of Mordor

 Tolkien’s legendary work on Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit has been inspirational to

[comment_count] | Game Reviews 2 weeks 4 days ago

New Releases: Week of November 2, 2014

 It’s officially the start of November and, before I forget, I’d like to say what

[comment_count] | Game News 3 weeks 1 day ago

New Releases: Week of October 27, 2014

 Halloween is in full throttle mode ‘round Casa del Chunk. Mrs. Soup is in max overdrive

[comment_count] | Game News 4 weeks 1 day ago

2O2P Game Review: Duck Dynasty

 Adapting video games from television has proven to be a hit or miss formula for success. Lost

[comment_count] | Game Reviews 4 weeks 2 days ago

FX2/Zen Pinball: South Park

So, I am beginning to wonder if getting paid in free review copies of pinball tables is in fact a

[comment_count] | Game Reviews 5 weeks 10 hours ago

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