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Thick & Thin Episode 24: Chicago LAN and Halo 4 Announcement!

Thu, 07/19/2012 - 09:06 — Doodi
See video

After nearly 2 years the Chicago LAN is back and slated to be only 2 days after Halo 4's release! Tune in to learn more about the LAN and how 2old2play is going back to the game that started it all. Save the date people!

We also take some time out to talk about our next show with Gunnar Marketing Manager FDC_Midnight as we talk about the future of game enhancements in the industry. Lastly the crew talks over the possible buy out of Vivendi games and what that might mean for Bungie's contract with Activision.

This EP is truly PACKED full of information.

XSSmoke's picture

You guys are still so sexy I was chubbed up before we even got to hitman...


Shadow's picture

FFFFFFF  UUUUUUUU to the "wait until 11/9 to play H4.  Haha.

I was thinking about the tournament from 2008, that was good times.  Actually I think XS bankrolled the prize on that.  Good on you man :)  I think a tournament is a great idea, especially with a new game - more even playing field.

edit:  hey, you're using my Kickstarter idea!  I hope that works better for you.

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