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Thick & Thin Episode 25: Live with Gunnar Optiks!

Fri, 07/27/2012 - 12:11 — Doodi
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Check out this truly amazing show with special guest FDC_Midnight from Gunnar Optiks as we talk about the world of hardware peripherals and game enhancements.  Learn about Gunnar's history as well as our thoughts on Headsets, Pro-controllers, and add-ons.  

Also, don't forget that Gunnar is running a 20% off promo for 2old2play on our forums for members.  If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them here and we'll make sure Gunnar checks them out!

ken71's picture

I bought a pair and a friend bought a pair.  Thanks for the discount!  Can't wait for them to arrive. 

PoltegIce's picture

No one said in what way midnight was representing Gunnar or what her position at Gunnar is, only that she is from Gunnar. So I don't know how to react other then I found it very rude she spent a lot of the podcast clicking her mouse and typing. When you are trying to sell me a product, I find that approach doesn't work with me.


If that wasn't her, if that was one of you guys, but I don't think it was, I sincerely hope not, then that was exetremely rude of yous.

Doodi's picture

My noob mistake for not introducing here as Marketing Manager for Gunnar.  

However, don't be too hard on her in terms of the clicking.  The mic she was using was just picking up a TON of sound from around the room which carried throughout the podcast.  Most of the time she would mute, but you have to remember the show is done live and we frequently type to the live chat group while we cast.  

She probably just wasn't aware of the sound it was making during the show.  It's an honest mistake from someone who isn't used to vidcasting and one that I wouldn't dwell on.  We tell guests to mute their mic when they're not talking, but for a first timer it's not that easy to remember during the live show.  Hell, even LB forgets to do it every once and a while.

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