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Thick & Thin Episode 26: Girls in Video Games

Fri, 08/03/2012 - 10:01 — Doodi
See video

This episode we dive into the world of women in video games with the help of our very own Editor-in-Chief, ElektraFi. The topic covers advertising, gender perceptions, lack of female leads, and more. Is it even possible for us to get in touch with our female side? Watch to find out.

Also, don't forget that next week we will have Hugh Jeremy on the show from the game Natural Selection 2 to talk about asynchronistic gaming and it's rise in the gaming genre.  Come visit us in chat and bring your questions!

AcidSnow's picture

I was initially impressed by the new footage of Tomb Raider, but about half-way though the video I began to realize how dedicated the game was to beating the shit out of Lara.  It quickly began to feel like too much, and over the top compared to what I'm accustomed to seeing [for a female role], and I felt like the game was basically just raping her image, and that the Devs was trying too hard to get an emote from the viewers/players.  If someone had dubbed the video with a Japanese voice - I could easily be fooled into thinking it was just an abusive/degrading Japaneses prono.

Doodi's picture

I don't disagree with you on this actually.  Like I said in the vidcast, the first 10min I was literally sweating from the amount of stress (ie pain) they place on her.  However, I'm not sure I've seen enough to think this is the case for %100 of the game.  I'd suspect this is more of "breaking down to build up" story telling.  I'm not saying I know since it hasn't been released, but I'll reserve the overall judgment for now.

I will say, there are plenty of main stream movies that take this same approach (Girl with the dragon tattoo is FAR worse) but somehow manage to come off as critically acclaimed.  This isn't to say that games should be exactly like movies in terms of content, but I'd argue a movie is far more real then a game will ever be.  Pushing video games to be viewed more as an art form probably isn't a bad idea, but that stigma of being for kids probably doesn't work well for games like the new Tomb Raider.

PoltegIce's picture

Good discussion guys, and very funny at times. I found the question about whether I am a dude I feel like I should be better then a female gamer. I thought about it and honestly there is something in the back of my head that says yes. Its not strong but it is there. I Don't believe it as truth at all but think its part of how we all grew up. like you said doodi, about us being bigger and stronger. When we were children growing up there was a certain divide that put boys and girls at odds and each striving to out do the other except then it was a level playing field because not having gone through puberty, there was little seperating us physically. So its interesting.

I in truth want more female gamers who are better then me. I enjoy playing with the female gamers I have had the pleasure to game with in the past and think they help the enjoyment level of the game/group. We need more and the more we have the more likely it is that there will be ones better at games then I am. So in conclusion I really do want female gamers who can whoop my ass in a video game. I just hope they are good sports about it. ;P


My wife is not a gamer at all. But during a period where i played "Lord of the Rings online" (mmo) she started playing with me. She did this to have something we could do together not because she wanted to play the game. Anyways bless her heart she sucked... and really struggled with controlling her wee hobbit wench. But over time she got good. By the time we were nearing endgame she was a great healer. I of course played a guardien character to balance the group dynamic. We really enjoyed ourselves playing together and she was almost addicted to the game. Anyways I had played the game for around 3 years and was bored. I quit and despite her loving the game so much. She quit to. I don't know why  and can't get a straight answer about it from her. She still talks about our hobbit hole and how she wanted to decorate it. So what makes here give up video games so completely. Is because whe is female? Is that how a lot of females are when it comes to video games. Perhaps the majority don't care about them if there is nothing  else to draw them in like a spouse. If so then perhaps that gives credit to those who say, female gamers only play because of some other motive... I don't think thats true of the female gamers in our group but I think it may hold true to other females.  Anyways I thought it was a relevant anecdote. 

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