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Thick & Thin Episode 29: Limited Edition

Tue, 08/28/2012 - 15:47 — Doodi
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In this episode we focus the industry standard of selling Limited Edition copies and how it affects the consumer. Are these packages really "limited" anymore? How do these limited editions alter the content that gamers receive for a normal pricing structure?

anotherdae's picture

As a consumer what bothers me about disk based locked DLC content is the idea that this extra content is taking up space that could have gone to making the game better or longer.

Doodi's picture

That's a very good point and not one that I really thought about.  Then again, the whole idea of the disk itself is rather troubling.  Once games move to download as a main distribution  (like they are for PC) this shouldn't really matter anymore.  Hopefully that will give developers all the room they need to make the best looking games.

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