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Thick & Thin Episode 31: Steams Big Picture

Mon, 09/17/2012 - 11:55 — Doodi
See video

This week we took the time to analyze Valves beta release of The Big Picture UI for the PC and what this could mean for gaming in the future. Could we see a Netflix like movement onto all platforms? What does this mean for closed systems like the Xbox Live platform?  Tune in and find out!

On a side note, we did have another Episode 31 this past week, but the sound didn't turn out very well so we decided not to put it up.  As always you can catch that show and others on our Twitch TV channel while they remain available.  Don't forget to subscribe to Twitch TV and our Youtube channel.  

We're always looking for guests for the show so if you have something interesting to say, have an idea for a topic, or just want to be e-famous, drop us a line on twitter @doodirock or send us a PM on the site.  

AcidSnow's picture

...I consider myself an Xbox gamer at heart, but I don't buy many Xbox games.  Steam is most def becoming more & more attractive to me, especially since I can use the Xbox controller with Windows.  It's also nice that I have a really good gaming PC that I bought used 2yrs ago for $600.  I didn't own shit on Steam until 6 months ago, now I own 7 games.  The only reason I play Xbox is for the multiplayer community for CoD & MoH, otherwise I will probably be getting all my [co-op & SP] games via Steam.

The Xbox hardware is old as ballz, and the resolution sucks ass, the only reason I play it is b/c of the massive community-base it has; I used to be a hardcore Counter-Strike player back in 1999, but goddamn, ever since buying the original Xbox in 2001, I really fucking hate playing games with any mouse & keyboard, I try to only buy PC games that support the Xbox controller for Windows.

Edit: I did the same thing as dooi, I bought BL2 on PC for the better gfx, and because it's co-op.  Even if all my friends bought it for the Xbox, I wouldn't care, as long as 1 bought it for PC.  ...Although acceptable, I find myself quickly growing away from the Xbox's limited gfx-capabilities.

Doodi's picture

Pretty much sums it up for me.  I'm sure things will change with the new console, but for this next year it's going to be pretty hard to spend any more money on the Xbox 360.  I'll get Halo just for the friends, but after that I don't seem much need for it.  

Steams move into the living seems to have come at the perfect time.  If something like this can catch on with the console players I could see a real shift in the market.  However getting everyone to move away from their already established communities is a harder task then any technological limitation. 

For myself, since I only pc game on my television this is a great addition to what is already a great service.   I was pretty console focused for the last 10 years, but lately PC's have simply became the better experience and value in my opinion.  So this big picture mode really makes sense in my mind.  So far the Beta is not perfect but with all the input from users (Hoping for a automatic startup at boot into Big pic please Valve.) I'm sure they will iron out the bugs and make PC gaming a much more viable alternative to consoles in your living room.  This makes my choice to hold off on the next generation of consoles much easier to swallow.  Since price, reliability of launch hardware being what it is and the fact that AAA block busters take a while to ramp up in a consoles life cycle makes early adopting no longer worth it.     

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