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Thick & Thin Episode 34: Our Big Lan Sponsors

Fri, 09/28/2012 - 09:52 — Doodi
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In this episode we take time to thank all the many supporters of the Chicago Lan, but in particular the commitment of one sponsor who donated almost half of the LAN funds. Through him we discuss the success of 2old2play as a community and our goal to raise awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project at

If you watch any EP of ours we hope you watch this one. Thanks so much for the support!

TANK's picture

Terramorphus is the 'Raid Boss' in Borderlands 2.  You can unlock the area after you've finished the final story mission (Terramorphus is not a story mission). 

Once you're finished the story, talk to Tannis and she'll give you a quest called "you will die" or something and then you can go fight Terramorphus.  It costs 4 E to fight him too by the way, each attempt will cost you 4 E.  He's designed to be taken on by four level 50 characters.

As for levels, you should be about level 35 by the time you finish your first play thru.  You should be at 50 by the time you finish your 2nd play thru (aka Vault Hunter Mode).  Then playthru 2.5 (your 3rd playthru), everything is level 50. 


Congrats on selling out the LAN.  HOpe it's a great time.

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