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Microsoft's new $99 Console + Kinect bundle

Microsoft officially announced a bundle to get their Xbox 360 console to the sweet spot of $99 while pushing their Kinect sensor at the same time.  Before you run out to the store to add a second o

Hotmail, Your Gamertag and WTF MS is Doing About It

According to Xbox Live's Major Nelson, some people may be having issues with their gamer tags becoming unrecoverable...

Far Cry 2 Coming to 360 and PS3

It’s official - UbiSoft has announced in a press release that Far Cry 2, previously announced for the PC, will be making its way to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

CES expanding gaming space by 65% this year.

According to an article published by MultiChannel News, CES will be expanding its exhibition space for gaming by 65%.

Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle '07

After the release of Halo 3 most people in the gaming community wouldn't need any further incentive to purchase an Xbox 360, but just in case you aren't a Halo fan Microsoft is upping the

Xbox 360 Holds Off PS3 Price Cut (The Sales Figures)

Canadian NPD Group figures show the PlayStation 3 winning the July sales figures but that isn't how it worked out in North America.

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