Sony Blog Attacks Major Nelson, Look Stupid

You’d think Sony would get “it”. From bad television ads to bad print ads to underhanded viral marketing to racist print ads to bizarre scat magazines to lying and lying and LYING, you’d think they’d stop acting like ninnies and start trying to, you know, focus their energies on games.

But, no. Sony has proven their complete and utter incompetence in a new field: blogging and podcasting. Their new blog, “Three Speech”, launched a while ago, and it was mediocre, but that’s to be expected for a new site. However, their incompetence was truly shown in their first podcast. Aside from the fact they showed absolutely no ability to identify Sony products like hyping up a Final Fantasy VII game that didn’t exist, not knowing what Jumping Flash was, and basically rambling incoherently, they attacked Larry Hryb and his MajorNelson website and podcast as a shill.

Now, for any Sony employees to call anyone a shill is the height of hypocrisy - “All I want for Christmas is a PSP”, dude - but maybe they should understand what a shill is. A shill is someone who helps promotes a product and pretends not to be associated with it. Two good examples would be the guy who a snake oil salesman gives his drink to and pretends to be cured, or a fake home buyer whom the salesman uses to create a sense of urgency.

Hryb makes it clear he works for Microsoft. He works in Microsoft offices. He talks to Microsoft employees. He talks about lunch in the Microsoft cafeteria. And nowhere has he ever called anyone at Sony “slimy”, which these numbskulls did about him. Furthermore, Hryb for a months while talked about his desire to get a Wii, and finally announced on his podcast he got one. Does that sound like a Microsoft shill to you? Sounds more like a Nintendo shill, if he was a shill.

But calling Hryb a shill is odd when no one on the podcast or the blog is ever identified. That’s right - a bunch of anonymous guys on what Sony laughingly calls a semi-official Sony blog are accusing Hryb of being a liar and a hypocrite.

Maybe these geniuses should make sure their batteries don’t explode.


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