Aliens: Colonial Marines Escape Mode Trailer

Take a competitive multiplayer mode with 4 Colonial Marines vs 4 Xenomorphs from Alien fanboys at Gearbox in  a collaborative effort with Sega and what do you get? A game trailer that is sure to make your hair stand on its end.


Developer Gearbox has had Aliens: Colonial Marines  in production for a good, long while and the Escape trailer shows a lot of polish. Randy Pitchford and crew have reproduced the environment from Aliens, so the environment will be immediately familiar to those who have seen the movie, and intimately familiar to those who love it.

The marines are challenged to escape the Xenomorph menace and survive to the extraction point. The aliens are there to prevent this from happening. Marines are armed with weapons from the movie: shotguns, assault rifles, welders (presumably to slow down the Xenos), and automatic turrets.

The Xenos come in three different flavors: the hearty close combat Xeno Soldier, the faster Xeno Lurker from Alien 3, and the new Xeno Spitter with a long-range acid spit. The Xenos are fast, agile, and deadly. The trailer shows ceiling clinging, the infamous alien bite, and a tail attack.



Aliens: Colonial Marines hits the shelves February 12, 2013 on both Xbox 360 and PS3. This trailer just makes that wait seem a lot longer.

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