Bioshock Infinite’s Heavy Hitters

After 4 years in development Bioshock Infinite will release on October 16th.  In a four part series entitled Heavy Hitters, Irrational Games, the studio behind Bioshock Infinite discusses four of the biggest, baddest and gnarliest enemies in the game. As if their innate badassery wasn't enough, the Heavy Hitters augment other enemies in the game.  

Say hello to the Heavy Hitters!

Heavy Hitters Part 1: Motorized Patriot

Creepy and fearless motorized founding father who doesn't stop until death-his or yours.

Heavy Hitters Part 2: Handyman

Giant and powerful these agile monsters have the ability to pick up NPC's and use them as projectiles.

Heavy Hitters Part 3: Boys of Silence

Big blind badasses who use only sound to terrorize you.  Aggravate them at your own peril.

Heavy Hitters Part 4: Siren

The scene: You feverishly work to kill multiple baddies.  Finished, you breathe a sigh of relief. Suddenly a ghostly apparition emerges.  Meet the Siren.  She serenades you with her song and raises your dead foes to fight again.

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