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Borderlands 2 Skill Trees and Demo with Randy Pitchford

Mon, 09/10/2012 - 11:37 — TANK

Gearbox updated the Borderlands 2 website to include the skill trees of all four characters. The skill trees are interactive so you can see how the point assignment flows and map out in advance how you think you'd like to build your character. As in the game, each skill provides a detailed description if you hover over it. When you're finished, the Skill Tree calculator tells you what level you need to obtain with that character to create your build in full.

Salvador's Skill Tree


Zero's Skill Tree


Axton's Skill Tree


Maya's Skill Tree

Recently, Randy Pitchford was on site at IGN and participated in an hourlong live stream with a couple of the IGN folks. He answered questions via Twitter, gave tips to the IGN guy playing and talked about the game in general. They demonstrated "Bad Ass" points and how they affect character development. You earn coins from completing side missions and challenges which can then be cashed in for "Bad Ass" points.  When you cash coins, you get to pick one random stat out of a game generated list. This stat bump is profile level which means that it doesn't matter which of the four characters you play as, that stat bump applies on top of whatever individual character specific skill tree options you built out. Randy says that while character rank is capped, Bad Ass rank is not.

Another nugget of information shared was that you collect Iridium which is used to unlock endgame areas and content. End game content is usually where these types of games fail but Gearbox designed Borderlands 2 to be a hobby game. There will be plenty to do, find and explore long after the story line is finished. 


Sweet!  I'm so rolling as Zero my first toon.  Now I just need to figure out Sniping or Bloodshed...

TANK's picture

I'm looking at the trees and I think the Mechromancer is going to have some advantages.  Each character has three skil trees but i think the first tree (left one) on the Mechromancer is for 'girlfriend mode'.  So if you're an experienced borderlands player, you just need to spread your points across the middle and right skill trees and can leave the left one blank.  Where as the other four classes, you probably need skills in all three trees.  Anyways just a theory based on what limited stuff i've seen on the mechromancer to date.

Marine1Ten's picture

Is it worth the money to pick up the higher cost limited ed vs the $60.00 basic game. i think the Mechromancer comes with the ltd ed where the regular game will not have mechromancer with it. Enjoyed the first game but I won't do much multiplayer.

TANK's picture

Found some videos on IGN with Randy actually walking thru each characters skill trees



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