New Releases: Week of September 3rd, 2012

This week is a little light in the new game release category. I would like to think that the publishers feel bad for us parents and our wallets in the wake of the back to school money vacuum. Maybe they finally got my memo about releasing this month's major releases in the same week as my birthday...I’m looking at you Borderlands 2! Either way it is pretty quiet out there so I will try to keep this short and sweet.


Dogfight 1942 - Available on PSN, Steam and XBLA on September 5th, Dogfight 1942 brings you and your friends into air to air combat in three different modes: Dogfight, Survival and Campaign. Choose from over 40 WWII era planes brought to life in historically accurate detail as you engage the enemy in missions derived from those flown during that era. I read a few reviews and would suggest playing the demo before you plunk down $15 or 1200 MS points on this arcade flyer.

Closure - Available on PSN now and Steam (Mac & PC) on Friday September 7th, Closure is an independent puzzle platformer. You play as a spider-like demon exploring the stories of three humans while searching for the thread that weaves them together. In this black and white game, you manipulate lights to shine on objects which phases them in and out. If an object was there but the light is no longer shining on’s no longer there. Creepy and surreal, Closure won a number of independent game awards so it may be worth giving this game a shot.

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill - The Armored Kill expansion dropped first on PS3 September 4th for gamers who signed up for a Battlefield Premium account. Armored Kill brings four new maps including the “biggest map in Battlefield history,” Bandar Desert. Along with the four maps, the pack adds in six vehicles and a tank only game mode. For those of you with Battlefield Premium Xbox or PC accounts, Armored Kill drops on September 11th. Gamers without premium accounts must wait until September 18th (PS3) and September 25th (Xbox/PC). Battlefield Premium members receive Armored Kill free while the rest of us must pony up $15 or 1200 MS Points.
Xbox 360

Mark of the Ninja - Personally I think a game about Ninja’s should just show up on the dashboard and hack it all to bits until you play it. Instead, Klei decided to inform the masses that Mark of the Ninja hits XBLA on September 7th. Maybe they are going the route of polite ninja where said ninja taps you on the shoulder before eviscerating you? If you like Ninja games, you can download a demo or purchase the stealth platformer Mark of the Ninja this Friday. The game promises to deliver a true stealth experience putting you into the shoes of a master Ninja whose clan is on the verge of extinction. I couldn’t find much more other than it was a hit at PAX. At this point I could probably just repeat the word “Ninja” over and over as for some of you that is likely the only word that truly matters. Ninja, ninja, ninja...

Playstation 3/Playstation Vita

Zen Pinball 2 - Zen Pinball 2 landed on PSN for both the Playstation 3 and the PS Vita on September 4th. I am terrible at pinball but always enjoyed the “thunk thunk” and “ding ding” sounds as the ball bounced around a great table. I enjoy the Zen Pinball games as not only can I be terrible in my own home...alone...with no one to laugh at my measly score...they also make some fantastic original and licensed tables such as the new Plants vs. Zombies table. You can buy either the PS3 or Vita version. Purchasing one version immediately grants you free access to the other as well as to shared leaderboards and online challenges and tournaments. Zen Pinball 2 also features 3D TV support as well.


The Sims 3: Supernatural - If your Sims are diehard Twilight fans then this $40 expansion pack is for them! In Sims 3: Supernatural your Sims explore the town of Moonlight Falls. Here they discover magical elements (broomsticks, wands, etc) or mix elixirs to enhance or hex their little Sim lives.

There are a few downloadable games for the 3DS and DSi (Balloon Pop Remix, Heyawake & Crazy Hunter ) but for the most part that’s all folks. If nothing tickles your fancy, Guild Wars 2 released last week. If you are anything like me you may have a stack of unwrapped or unfinished  games staring you in the face. This week may be a good week to tackle that pile.

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