Transformers Fall of Cybertron Demo Now Available

Today, High Moon publically released the demo for its highly anticipated game, Transformers Fall of Cybertron. Fall of Cybertron hits stores August 21st, but you can set the demo to download to your Xbox right now from this link:
Marketplace Download


What's Included?

The demo includes both single player and multiplayer content.  The single player campaign portion features two different missions, one from the Autobot campaign and one from the Decepticon campaign.  Single player content will highlight both Bumblebee for the Autobots and Vortex (one of the five Bruticus members) for the Decepticons.


On the multiplayer side, two maps are available with deathmatch and control point capture game types.  It's here in multiplayer you'll notice an overhauled and much expanded customizations screen.  This time around your class options are Infiltrator, Destroyer, Titan and Scientist and once you pick your class, you can heavily customize the appearance of your game piece.

Since Gamestop pre-order people got early access, High Moon has been flooded with feedback.  According to their facebook page, weapon balance changes are already taking place and cheaters are already being banned.  Speaking of Gamestop, if you pre-order from there you will get the G1 Retro character pack usable both in single player and multiplayer.


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