Sony E3 2016

I have to hand it to Sony as their show was little talking and pretty much all trailer for the entire hour! 

Lots was shown but I will be honest with you that I would have liked a little more detail on soome of these games.  At the end the list of games showed most were still in development with no release date. The games with dates I have noted below but as always those can slip and then the idiots on the internet will send stupid fracking death threats to the developers. Seriously!?!? Why??! Sigh... 

Anyway, the show opened up with some intense orchestral music lead by Bear Mcreary. After a few minutes of that a trailer appears on the screen and the audience lost their shiznit! 

God of War 4

Its god of war but more rpg-ish. Looks like Kratos has a son as well and is teaching him to fight. God of War is still in development so your guess is as good as mine when you will get your hands on it 

Days Gone

Zombie horror survival 3rd person shooter. 

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian actually has a release date! October 25th 2016.  

Horizon Zero Dawn

Set in a weird past future, Horizon Zero Dawn has you using older style weapons with new tech against  wild robotic animals. 

Detroit Become Human

A crime story where you can play out your actions your way but as you may have surmised you are not human but and android named Conner. 

Resident Evil VII: Biohazard

If you don't know what to expect from a Resident Evil game after 20 years just skip on past! You can also play in PlayStation VR on January 24th 2017. 

Playstation VR 

Playstation VR coming October 13th, $399 USD and with 50 games available this year. Sounds cheap until you add in  the move controllers and camera. You could argue the Rift and Vive have steeper costs with the cost of a good PC but if their market is PC Gamers I would argue they already have that cost and from what I have heard better resolution and control. However, 40 million PS4's as your base hardware is nothing to sneeze at! 

A few VR titles are shown but lets hit the biggies! 

Star Wars Battlefront: An X-Wing VR Mission

Like the original X-wing vs Tie fighter but what we all envisioned it would be! 

Batman Arkham VR

It was just the joker talking over the visuals and that it is coming out October 2016...but dammit! It's Rocksteady doing this one! Woot! 

Final Fantasy XV + VR

Don't be seduced by Booby McBooberton there. 

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

Infinite Warfare looks intense and the remastered version of Modern Warfare looks pretty sweet to boot. 

Sony is jumping back on the Crash Bandicoot bandwagon as it remasters the original, 2 and Warped. They are also bringing Crash into the Skylanders universe. 

Death Stranding

This is what the crowd has waiting for Hideo Kojima, the mastermind behind the Metal Gear series is back and is showing off his new studio and game running exclusively on the PS4. Starring everyones favourite zombie killing redneck, Norman Reedus, Death Stranding has no release date but you know Hideo is going to take his time. 

Spider-Man PS4

A new spidey game and it looks pretty sweet but I have played a few spidey games in the past. Trailers always look great but the play is hit and miss. Since Sony owns the Spidey license this game will be an exclusive. Someone needs to take that back from them after Spider Man 3 and Amazing Spiderman 2. Hopefully Insomniac games can knock this one out of the park!

I found it odd that there was no mention of their new console tonight. I guess we will wait and see whether NEO can top MS's Scorpio. if the leaks online are to be trusted maybe Sony is sucking it back and reloading. Who knows but maybe our intrepid leaders will get some scuttlebut out on the show floor.

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