UbiSoft E3

30 years of Ubisoft! 

Ubi opened the show with a little Queen and some dancers showing off Just Dance 2017 and reminding nearly everyone who has ever played the game that they can't really dance. Look everyone! Don't you wish you could dance as well as the weird ass giraffe? Actually Ubi..no...no I don't. 

I was hoping Aisha Tyler wasn't going to host only because even through the streaming window of my computer I still have to look up as she is like 6' tall without those frickin heels! I get a crick in my neck! That and after 5 years of her doing her schtick up there it's getting a little "same old same old".  That being said, she redeemed herself by announcing Ghost Recon Wildlands right out of the gate! 

Ghost Recon Wildlands


The trailer looks good but didn't show any in game footage. That was rectified with a long playthrough of 4-palyer co-op. The best news I heard all day was that Wildlands was also fully playable solo! This is typical Ghost Recon but without the Advanced Warfighter. Wildlands is grittier but it’s the same stealth and position combat that defines the series.The story, well looks like Mexican cartels have moved into Columbia and the ghosts are there to break the whole party up. Simple enough I guess. If Ghost Recon brings back awesome memories of some of your first Xbox Live experiences you are going to have to hold out a little longer as Wildlands will be released March 7, 2017. 

South Park: The Fractured But Whole


South Park, The Fractured but Whole..man that title just makes me laugh. Picking up the day after the Stick of Truth left off, the South Park kids have left fantasy in the past and now it's Super Hero day! With a dozen super hero classes plus multiple abilities to chose from, you can be pretty much any super hero you want to be. Just remember this is South Park so you're still a bit of a douche...their words...not mine. Oh and your farts can rip the fabric of time itself...so ease off on the burritos! If you pre-purchase The Fractured But Whole (still funny...) you will get the Stick of Truth for free (Ps4, Xbox One, PC). South Park: The Fractured But Whole will be released December 6th, 2016.

The Division: Underground


The Division: Underground is the first expansion released for The Division. Ubi is promising endless re-playability and better rewards. Xbox and PC players get their hands on Underground June 28th while PS4 players can dive in on August 4th. If you are a member of the Ubisoft Club you get three exclusive outfits, one each from Rainbow Six, Splinter cell and Ghost Recon.  Also a new mode called Survival was announced with the players in NYC in the winter in search of a cure. No release date on that one. 

Eagle Flight


Eagle flight is designed in collaboration with Occulus. Basically you fly eagles in VR in a capture the flag type of game. I think someone needs to design a strap on vomit catcher to come with this game. Looks like it could be fun in short chunks...the game not my puke...It was pretty amusing watching all the players on stage moving their heads around wildly in all different directions. Eagle Flight will be available on all VR platforms this fall. 

Star Trek Bridge Crew


Ok...from the beginning sounds...oh shit! VR Star Trek! Wait...VR Star Trek...oh great...warp speed puking...sigh...when did my stomach become so weak?!?! Star Trek Bridge Crew allows you to control an Enterprise class starship called the Aegis either by yourself or as crew of 4 playing the captain, navigator, engineer or the tactical officer. Look for it this fall on all major VR systems. 

For Honor


Medieval times, earthquake, Vikings...bloody head chopping, body disfiguring hack and slash but seemingly without the loot...February 14th 2017 - Valentines day...perfect! 

Trials of the Blood Dragon


So apparently Trials and Far Cry: Blood Dragon made a baby together and it's called, surprisingly, Trials of the Blood Dragon. If you played either of those games you can just imagine what this is like. Out now! 


Assasins Creed: The movie


Next we get to hear Frank Marshall talk about the AC movie. I thought WTF?! when this was announced. However, after the first trailer and especially that leap of faith at the end I had goosebumps. Trailers have lied to me before so I am not holding my breath but I am hoping this will be good. 

Watchdogs 2


Join Dedsec as they wage Cyber war against a corrupt politician from San Francisco. The original Watchdogs had such promise but fell flat overall. While the sequel looks less dark in its overall tone along with it's dialog and music choices, it is still a game about hacking everything with a simple button press. November 15th, 2016. If you are on a PS4 expect all DLC 30 days ahead of other platforms. Oh and if you are a fan, look for a watchdogs film in the future backed by Sony pictures.



New IP called Steep is all about extreme winter / mountain sports. An open world set in the Alps. I am not sure what exactly you are supposed to do other that live out your X games fantasies and challenge other players in races. Really I guess that is what the X games is all about at its core along with just enjoying the mountains. I love all those sports and watching them but I am not sure if there is a full game around it. Steep ships this December.

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