2old2play Interviews Tony Todd

From Candy Man to Gears of War, Dane "Watterborn" Tullock sits down with famed horror start Tony Todd for an interview at the Rock and Shock Festival. Happy Halloween!

Halloween is almost upon us and that means that the annual Rock and Shock Film and Music Festival has returned to Worcester, Massachusetts, bringing with it some of the biggest name in horror films. Once again, 2old2play New England Correspondent Dane Tullock (aka Waterborn) took the short ride from his home near Boston to cover this event and bring back quality content for the 2old2play Pop Culture Series. Here is the first interview in this installment, featuring Tony Todd, star of numerous films, including Candyman, Hatchet 1 & 2 and the upcoming Sushi Girl. Tony also let us in on some exciting news regarding his voice-over work for one of the biggest contemporary gaming franchises currently in production. So sit back and check out Waterborn and Candyman and stay tuned for more coverage from this year's Rock & Shock Festival.

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