New Releases: Week of March 12th, 2017


So I had a sobering moment with my youngest daughter this week. She proudly exclaimed that she spent 40 hours playing Subnautica. She was pretty proud of herself and it got me thinking about how much time have I spent playing some of my games. After looking into it I decided not only do I need to get outside more but sadly the most time I spent was in Destiny at 13 days and 8 hours(320 hours). What is really sad is the fact I don't even really like the game. For me, Destiny does all it does just "ok". The shooter portion is good but not great and the MMO portion is not really even there. The RPG is kind of hampered by the weird "light" system they have in place. On top of that, after each expansion I have bought I have been disappointed in shortly thereafter. Why? Well...shortly thereafter I was done with the whole damn "story" add on. Are you kidding me?!?! $40 for five missions. The bloody cut scenes were longer!

​So why do I spend so much time playing a game I don't really enjoy that much? Simply put, it's my friends fault. He only gets one or maybe two games a year so the add-ons have been those games and he keeps playing and inviting me in. The co-op portion is fun but I think that has more to do with the company than the game. Now Destiny 2 is on schedule to be releases later this year and all my characters stuff, except for apparently his face, is gone. WTF?!?! Seriously Bungie?!?! My character has a helmet on 99.99999% of the time. I have no idea what he even looks like now. I made him in the first 5 minutes, two and half years ago! You seriously think I and many, many others give a rats ass what they look like under there? my soapbox box and on to this weeks games. (breathe in....breathe out...)

Platform: MAC,PC,LIN, PS4, Xbox One
Release Date: March 17th, 2017

Set in 1970 in Northern Canada (from the screenshot I am guessing August), Kona is a first person mystery/ interactive tale that I would say seems to borrow some ideas from Alan wake but it looks like you are equipped with more than just a flashlight...which is probably a good thing!

Star Trek Bridge Crew
Platform: HTC Vive, Occulus Rift, PS VR
Release Date: March 14th, 2017

If you know someone who has invested in VR and loves, LOVES Star Trek...well you may not see them for a while as they boldly go where no man has gone before within the confines of their living room.

Styx: Shards of Darkness
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Release Date: March 17th, 2017

The third games in the stealth action series seems to, at least from the trailer, ramp up the action elements over the stealth. As well there is a good jab at Assassin's Creed in there too!

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
Release Date: March 14th, 2017

Sorry but I don't get Sony's strategy of re-releasing old PSP/PS Vita game son PS4. Can someone explain that to me? I don't see the draw especially when its a text based mystery game like this. I don't get it...maybe it's because I am getting old and crotchety.

NieR: Automata
Release Date: March 17th, 2017

Already released on PS4 earlier this month, NieR:Automata is coming to Steam on Friday. A sequel to the 2010 game NieR, NieR:Automata continues the same action role playing open world blindfolded gameplay of the original. That is way too many buzzwords for one sentence!

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