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Gaming and Experience Survey

Wed, 06/27/2012 - 12:44 — ElektraFi

A friend of the site and new 2old2play community member, Gabriela “atiyana” Richard, is conducting a study that seeks to understand video games and experience to inform educational game design. The survey is one part of her doctoral thesis at New York University, but it is the biggest part. That's where our community comes in!


If you have some spare time over the next month, please go to: and fill out the survey. Completing the survey should take between 30-40 minutes and those that participate will be entered into a raffle to win one of several prizes. Even if you personally don’t care about education, I bet you do care about winning prizes, so here are the items you could win for completing this educational survey.

 PlayStation Vita (2 avail.)
 Xbox 360 250GB (1 avail.)
 PS3 160GB System (1 avail.)
 ASTRO A40 Headset (2 avail.)
 $100 Amazon Card (2 avail.)
 $75 Amazon Card (2 avail.)
 $20 Amazon Card (many)
 $20 PSN Card (many)
 1600 Microsoft Points (many)

You have until July 27, 2012 at 11:59pm EST to complete the survey.

If you have any questions about the study, the incentives or your participation, please contact Gabriela Richard directly via email at gabriela at You can also find Gabriela on our site under the alias of atiyana.

TANK's picture

I tried to do it but the questions kept droning on and I got bored and left lol.... 

Then the questions took a bizaar turn they started asking about ethnic stuff and sprinkled those among gaming questions ot iw as like lets go off track and ask a few then get back to gaming for a few...  bizaar .  Totally lost interest in completing it.

atiyana's picture

Hey Tank.... I'm sorry you felt that way.  Thanks for your time!

Lbsutke's picture

I understand the need for the variety of questions, it helps support/prove/correlate the answers given with other life situations.


Nice survey Atiayan :)


I do want to mention that the survey is probably closer to 30 or 40 minutes to complete then it is to 20. Not a critisism, just an observation. wink



Gunny's picture

Done and done.  Yes, 30-45 minutes.  I get a feel for why the questions are what they are.  Good survey!

Snuphy's picture


"Please state the category that best defines your gender?"  made me laugh.  Probably shouldn't have.  But it did.

Seems like the survey will generate a ton of data to wade thru.  Good luck with that.

atiyana's picture

Thanks for the support and feedback everyone!  

My apologies that the surveys took longer than I anticipated.  I did betatest the survey before I posted it, and the average was 20-30min, though since posting, I have gotten feedback that it's more like 30-40min.  Thank you for committing your time, and thanks to the community for supporting my thesis project.

Doodi's picture

It's just because we're old and slow.  Dont' worry, I'm sure the little snappers will PWN THIS.

atiyana's picture


loki619's picture

Wait, now I'm not sure I I like, love, agree, disagree with my sexual orientation while gaming any more... I hope you get the info that you're looking for with this survey Gabriela because my head is spinning from all these questions. Good luck on the survey and welcome to 2old2play! Hope to catch you in a game sooner or later... wait, do you love, like, agree, disagree with gaming too or don't you? Wow,  I think I'm now bipolar...  I'm not, are you? Sheesh. More beer please.

ElektraFi's picture

LIKE: +1

atiyana's picture


CiaranORian's picture

I did it! I got through the entire thing whooppee!

And all my answers were honest....................I think!

B1G_KAHUNER's picture


Will we be able to access the final product? I would be interested to see where you are going with this.

atiyana's picture

I will make sure to share the final product with the site.  It may be a while though because it's for my doctoral thesis.

loki619's picture

Agreed! It would be interesting to see the results when you are done with your thesis. Good luck!

ATC_1982's picture

I did not think that was ever going to end ... I did not find one if you are of age and drink do you drink with your friends while gaming question ... Then again I am glad I didn't find have you passed out on xbl party chat while playing and the others keep you in the room as you snored questions ... 


Looking forward to seeing the results and good like on the DR. Report ...


Edit - I went back an updated my raptr and now it wont stop telling me all the updates I am getting for adding all the platforms to it ... Sigh .... Should have done it since day 1 ...



TwizdFred's picture

I'm no college major or scientist, but that survey did take a little longer than what I expected. Although I do recognize the importance of the survey, one thing did irk me. The misspelled word, Sarcraft, in one of the questions. It might just be due to the fact that I have been writing my resume to start looking for a job, but that was one thing that stuck out the most. No offence, the survey was great.

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