Introducing the Halo vs Forza Triathlon

For the first time in 2o2p Histroy the Halo and Forza community will share a battlefield and compete against each other in two different game enviroments.  Can Halo players take a turn at 110mph in Forza?  Can Forza players score head shots in the Halo universe?  Join us as we answer this epic question.


What is this?

Its Team Forza V Team Halo.

There will be 5 matches of Forza and 5 matches of Halo.

Everyone will score points in all rounds. Once all 10 rounds have been played on both games everyones points they have scored will be added to there respective team's total.

The Team with the most points win!


What Game's are you using?

Forza Motorsport 4 and Halo Reach


Do I need any DLC?



When is this?

Saturday the 20th of October at 21:00 BST


How long will this last?

We are aiming for 1 hour on each game.


Who are the team member's?

Its currently 7 v 7 with a spot for anyone to drop in on the night.

Team Forza:

Church Pro
Team Halo:
Old n Achy
Kenjamin1 MI
What events are you doing?
Forza Events: (Please note. All cars will be predefined stock cars that will be available from the game garage for ALL Forza events)
1.Tag Virus (Car = 2009 Lotus 2-Eleven A590 / Track =  Silverstone National Circuit)
Basically Zombie mode where one player starts of as IT. They then have to touch another car and they also become part of the IT group, then both cars chase the NOT IT cars till they touch another one, then that car goes to the IT group. This process is repeated till there is only one NOT IT car who is declared the winner.

The scoring is pretty easy on this one. Unfortunately though if you are the 1 starting IT car you come 10th (It is randomly selected though), then the next car that gets hit comes 9th then 8th ect ect

2.Cat and Mouse (Cars - Mouse = 2011 Chevy Spark / Cat = 2008 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR / Track = Nurburgring GP)
Each team will have 1 lower class car (D, E, F). The rest of the cars are higher class cars (S, A, B).
The team who gets there lower class car (Mouse) over the line first wins the round!! Although the higher class cars (Cats) must stop this from happening using any means possible.
3.Keep the IT (Car =   / Track = Sunset Peninsula Speedway)
Like reverse tag. The team who KEEPS the IT the longest wins.
4.Stock Racing: 2007 Honda Civic Type R (C390) @ Infinion Raceway Long Course
5.Stock Racing: 1999 Lamborghini Diablo GTR (S700) Hockenheimring Full Circuit
Halo Events:
1. Hog-Potatoe on Hemmorage - Winner gets 40 pts, loser gets 15 pts
2. J12 FFA Head Concussion on Swordbase - Score it just like the individual forza matches.
3. Hog Mania on (TBC) - 4 teams of four; 150 pts; 1 pt per kill, 5 bonus pts for splaters, 1 bonus pt for a grenade stick;
1st:25 pts, 2nd:15 pts, 3rd:10 pts, 4th:5 pts. CannedHeat can pick the map for this one.
4. Team Slayer on Tempest - 100 kills; winner gets 40 pts, loser gets 15 pts.
5. Capture The Flag on Boardwalk - One flag, two rounds; 10 pts per flag, 20 pts for win/tie, 5 pts for a loss, 


How are points scored?

To keep it simple only the top 5 members from each team will score points and they are as follows:

1. 10

2. 9

3. 8

4. 7

5. 6

6. 5

7. 4

8. 3

9. 2

10. 1

Once the top 5 finishing members points have been collected from each team the remaining players (IF any) from that team will be dropped from the standings. 

If there is a Team game where no Single player has a defined finishing position the winning Team will score 5 Points for that round and the loseing team will score 0.

Can I still join this?

If you have Forza 4 and Halo Reach YES!


If you are unsure about anything just head over to the forum topic and get involved!


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