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Join the 2old2play Poker Night this Saturday on Xbox Live!

Mon, 08/20/2012 - 23:53 — Lou_Keymia

Saturday, August 25th will be a site wide poker tournament in the Xbox Arcade game Full House Poker! Beginning at 9PM EST, there will be tournament tables set up with up to ten players per table with as many games as it takes to seat everyone that wants to play.

What is Full House Poker? It's an arcade game of Texas Hold 'em that uses your avatar and is somewhat regularly supported by FREE DLC. The game costs 800 MSP to download, but that is the only money you'll be putting out; chips are earned in game and they cost NOTHING!

Our tournament will have a $1000 buy in and will consist of 3 table set ups, with the winning chip leader advancing in a bracket system to the next round. There will be as many rounds as it takes until there is only one winner.

Since there can be a maximum of 30 players per tournament set up, I politely request some volunteers to help me set up the games. Don't worry though, whoever is running the game can still play. A thread is being set up to determine how many players are going to participate and how many tables will be needed.

If you're still unsure of the game, there is a free demo of it in the marketplace. The game features level advancement, avatar awards, and hours of fun with your friends (and fellow 2old2players.)

I hope to see you there. If there is a big response, I'll gladly do this on a regular basis.


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anotherdae's picture

Sounds fun! Curious how this game compares to PSN The Casino...

Leviticus78's picture

That does sound fun!

I may even be able to get my wife to play. 

What section of the forum is the thread in?

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