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Welcome To Version 3

Fri, 03/02/2012 - 03:30 — doodirock

It’s been a really long road for me and I’m sure you all as well.  I started work on Version 3 more than 2 years ago and after scrapping 2 versions, dealing with crappy programmers, and spending a ton of cash we finally arrived at a workable beta.   

Through the past few months the community has helped me with bugs, ideas, and issues to bring what you see now into a semi-respectable state.  By no means are we done.  In fact there is a lot more on the table to finish before we can call this version “feature complete”.

Because of this, I’m sure you guys will see a ton of issues as we move into new territory, but just know that the team and I will do whatever it takes to polish this site into a well-oiled machine.  If and when you do encounter problems, please be sure to report them in the Request or Report forum as soon as they arise.  It is very likely that I am already aware of the majority of issues, but it’s quite possible that I’ve missed some stuff along the way.

As for the future of V3 we already have a ton of stuff planned.  If you have been watching our web show you know that V3 is really only a frame work to build on.  The goal with this design was to put a lot more control into the hands of group leaders, forum mods, bloggers, and moderators.  As time goes on we will expand greatly on our Groups functionality and custom forum options.  We also built a great mobile platform underneath which should aid in bringing a much smoother mobile experience in the months to come. 

The idea behind V3 really is flexibility and the desire to rapidly add new features and ideas much faster than before.  We didn’t go with a canned system like a lot of other sites use because we wanted to build things without the limitations of a paid for solution.  We’re currently working on the same platform as huge sites like, the gammys, and even the white house and figure if it’s good enough for them, it must be great for us.

After the dust settles we will be announcing even more great things for 2old2play and the awesome community behind it.  Look for more control over your groups, better communication with the community at large, tons more options for SSC members, and great new features like mobile, custom ladder tournaments, and more.  I’ll also be releasing a video in the coming weeks that goes over the list of changes and issues in our weekly digest at the top of the page.  Hope you guys like what we have so far.  Thanks for waiting so long to be a part of it!

P.S. As a personal side note I would just like to say thank you so much to the people that have supported 2old2play since we began.  The members that have given their hard earned cash to keep this little idea afloat have been the fuel that drives us.  It would be impossible to keep going without you guys and so you have my eternal respect and gratitude. 

To those who gave their time in the past and present, you are the community.  You bring the soul of 2old2play and also push for new ways to connect with other older gamers around the world.  Thanks to all the moderators, admins, community leaders, clan leaders, and members that make this possible. 

Finally to those we have lost along the way.  Whether you decided to move on, form your own groups, get a new hobby or leave this world completely we thank you for the time you spent with us here at 2o2p.  We look forward to serving new older gamers in the future.  Thanks!

P.S.S Please check out my blog about current issues!


corbin_dallas's picture

Nice job on the site Doodi! I respect the hard work and time you and DSmooth have spent in improving an already great site that we call home.


Now just get rid of that cheesey avatar pic of you and we'll be all set :)

CiaranORian's picture

Yeah thanks for the unbelievable amount of work you guys have put in.

DEEP_NNN's picture

Thanks doodirock, dsmooth, and all site support staff.
Banshee3's picture

Thanks everyone for their hard work on version3. I know first hand how daunting a project like this can be when there is no financial incentive to devote time, family and money towards a goal. Thank you for making our internet-home a better place!

thumbs up dude very nice look congrats!!!!!

PoltegIce's picture

Things are looking great! Thanx for soomuch effort that you have put out The vast majority of us greatly appreciate it!

Caduceus's picture

Things are starting to shape up and  I know it has been a long week.


Is there going to be any kind of moderator primer so I can know what the new features are and how to use them?



Doodi's picture

Yeah, I'm thinking of doing a Vidcast or a big write up about how to do everything.  I think it would be nice to do a vidcast because I can then have it be live so people can ask questions directly.  

T3muJin's picture

holy shit, we can post comments on news stories.


FINALLY!!!  I've been missing this feature, hopefully the spammers won't fuck this up.

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