XBox Live MW3 Community Playdate Oct 26th

On Oct 26th 8pm to 11pm EST, 2o2p will be hosting an XBox Live Community Playdate. We'll be playing MW3 with the rest of the Xbox Live community and urge everyone to come and join a room. If you're interested in hosting a room of your own, make sure you PM Lala Calamari and request to be put on the hosting list.

The more Room leaders that can set up the games we more we can help share our community with the rest of Xbox Live. The formate will hopefully be Private matches with a mix of 2o2p and the public. This give friends the opportunity to still play with fellow clan mates, but also share the time with new members looking to join 2o2p.

The volunteers will need to step up to run rooms and to get the public in the games.  Your gamertag will be put on the XBox Dashboard and you will be getting Friend Requests and messages from the public. You will probably have to clear out your Friends list to do this (just re-add after the night), or create a new Live account.   We will also need site members to be in the various rooms to help promote the community.

For more information about the event please visit LaLa's Blog and the forum sign up thread in the COD division.  See you all on the battle field!

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