Hardware Reviews

Tritton AX Pro 5.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset Review

I used to own the Tritton AX360 headset a year ago and it worked well but I just didn’t need a gaming headset then, so I sold them off.

Review: ICON Rock Series Roundup

I recently had the pleasure of checking out some of ICON's Rock Series product line - specifically the ICON Wireless Microphone, the ICON Rock Throne Drum Stool and the ICON Mic Stand.

Rockin’ Out With My Ion Out – The Ion Drum Kit Review

Since early 2008 I’ve been playing, or rather, I’ve been addicted to the game Rock Band. Early on I found myself playing drums or vocals almost exclusively.

Review: Astro A40 Headset

Seven years of competitive gaming (coupled with a compulsive audiophile enthusiasm) has led to many trial-and-error runs with a variety of audio systems.

KontrolFreek's - Speed Freek Controller Accessory

If you're a racing game fan but don't want to foot the bill for a racing wheel, KontrolFreak might have the product for you.

The Harmony 880 Universal Remote

Or What's Up With This Bulge in My Pants? An editorial/review on the Harmony 880.

A Look At The Zune

So I got the newest gadget from Microsoft for my birthday, and let me tell you I am pleasantly surprised.

2old2play Hands on Review of the Wii

2old2play gets high on Wii'd for three hours in this in-depth preview of the hardware, games and environment of Nintendo’s new console.

Hori Dead or Alive 4 Stick

If you’ve played the retro arcade games from the Xbox Live, you know that the D-pad is no joystick.

Xbox360 Wireless Headset Preview

Microsoft has released official information on their new Xbox 360 Wireless Headset due to be released this holiday season.

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